The Team

YoungDiplomats is an association of young analysts from all over the world. We have a new vision of what International Relations are.

Indeed, most of us were born after 1991 and the end of the cold war. The world we know is a multipolar world, that is radically different from the post WW2 era.

Our team is young and talented. We have studied in some of the top universities in the world. YoungDiplomats sees the world through a different lens: fewer nation states, an important place reserved for NGOs and MNCs, and moreover, throughout this multipolar world, powerful new nations emerging such as the BRICS.

YoungDiplomats Staff is composed of volunteers from all over the world and across all 5 continents. Our mission is to provide our readers with a different perspective of international relations through our in-depth analysis.

We strongly believe that the world and International Affairs have entered a new era in recent years, especially with the spread of the Internet.

Our Young Diplomats representants are:

David Allouche

This is our dear boss David!

David is 25 and holds an MA in Government, Strategy and Diplomacy. He is specialized in the Middle East and in International Affairs. Currently he works as an analyst for an International Organization. He created the project Young Diplomats which has become a great company to work in!



Adrien Gonin

Let us talk about our co-director : Adrien.
Adrien Gonin is a young and rising economic analyst. He studied Economics in top French and German Universities. He is widely recognized as an expert of European and American Economies.
As a Young Diplomat, he visited the catalan government last year and discussed with the French political association En Marche!