Part 3: 2017 in the West

10/04/2017 Adrien Gonin 0

After summarising the East, let´s complete our global analysis with a focus on the West January 2017 The UN The famous Institution created after WWII faced much criticism during the Afghan and Syrian conflicts. The […]

The Emission Gap – Part 2

06/04/2017 Adrien Gonin 0

Essay  by Julien Garcia, member of HEIP Junior Consulting The COP 21 was the most important international meeting about environment ever made. It led to ambitious promises and brought a feeling of hope about the […]

How Global Cities Shape Today’s World

15/01/2017 Anna Novgorodova 0

The traditional analytical frameworks for international relations, pinpointing remaining disparities between developed and developing countries, seem to fall into obsolescence. Current studies tend to shift the attention to the new actors driving the international dynamics, […]