Civility and Modern Politics 1/2

Part 2: Civility and politics in the same breath seem to be antithetical on the surface, but the same phenomenon of polarity permeates all of nature. Politics is the battle for personality and ideological supremacy. […]

Top 10 : Christmas Countries

24/12/2017 YoungDiplomats Team 0

What are the best places in the World to celebrate Christmas and its amazing spirit? Regardless of religion, billions of people all over the world enjoying celebrate this special holiday every December. The real question […]

Huntington’s thinking 20 years later

18/12/2017 Noam Hakoune 0

Huntington’s mind 20 years later « This is not a clash of civilizations because these murderers don’t embody any” claimed François Hollande in front of the French Congress a few days after the terrorist’s attacks in […]

Diplomats and Audacity 

15/12/2017 Noam Hakoune 2

In 1901, Rudyard Kipling published a novel in which he clarifies the « Great Game ». This expression deals with the rivalry between European powers for the leadership of Asia.  The « Great Game » should invoke rules and […]

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