Kurdistan region and Oil Curse

01/11/2017 David Allouche 0

During my early years at school, “Oil Curse” was the term I heard repeatedly, but was incapable of comprehending exactly what this famous expression that is customarily labeled the Arab States or better to say […]

Trump,Afghanistan and Pakistan

12/09/2017 YoungDiplomats Team 2

Once again, US showed its expected quirk against Pakistan. The narrative floated by US president is based on the assumption: that Pakistan is willfully neglectful of its commitment to root out Taliban more specifically ‘Haqqani […]

The Cause of Qatar’s Sanction

17/07/2017 Albert Sutanto 0

The content for this article is made possible by Cakra Studi Global Strategis (CSGS) first ever monthly discussion. The discussion was attended by students and professors from International Relations departments originating from three different campuses […]

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