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Advertising with Young Diplomats will expose your organization and vision directly to our audience of businesses, students, professionals, policy makers, and leaders in New York, Tel Aviv, Paris and other important cities around the world. You can advertise for a single issue or enjoy the benefits of a long-term partnership. Below is a quick snapshot of our readership. Email us to request a media kit with detailed data about our audience. Please indicate affiliation and the agency or company you represent in your correspondence.


Because of its mandate to connect the establishment with the next generation of leaders, Young Diplomats has the unique advantage of reaching two distinct types of audiences: young and influential.

Young Leaders in Foreign Policy

This is an up and coming group of students, academics, and young professionals interested in all things international. They are interested in arts and entertainment, academic and conference opportunities, internships and jobs, social and academic events, and international travel.

The Establishment Community

Readers in this group are leaders in their field of work and influential in society. They are professionals at the pinnacle of their careers; interested and active in domestic and international issues. This affluent group is interested in luxury products, real estate, special social events, charity, and social welfare.

Email us to inquire about special advertising and sponsorship opportunities on our Apps (iStore and Google Play coming soon), the website, and in print (coming soon) . Please indicate the company or agency you represent in your correspondence.

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  1. Shabbat Shalom,
    I am a medical student from Indonesia reaching out to see if there’s any chance for me to get funding by the the Tel Aviv municipality for joining Tel Aviv MUN held by the Tel Aviv University on August 20-24. If by any chance it is considerable, please kindly let me know and I would like to send you a proposal regarding this matter. Thank you.


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