Geo Map of the Protests in Iran -January 2018

Where are the protests taking places in Iran?  The Youth seems to have taken the streets and every hour more and more cities are joining the protest movement. Iran is known to have a very strong security apparatus with notably the Basijis, a paramilitary militias that have strong roots in the civil society. The real question is : Is this movement just a small social protest that will last less than a week or are we assisting to something bigger like the Tammarod movement?

Geo Map of Iran the 1st of January 2018 :

The City of Tehran, the capital is particularly targeted by the protesters :

Defections have been reported among the security forces to join the protesters 

How did the protests started?

30th of December
29th of December

Some cities already “fell” to the hands of the protesters according to some medias outlets. However it is likely that police took back the control.


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