Nigeria : Multi National Joint Task Force successfully retakes Territory from Boko Haram

Few months ago the Nigerians discovered the Multi National Joint Task  forces consisting of their National Army, seconded by other National Armies such as Chad, Niger and Cameroon. This Task Force is fighting Boko Haram and  was commissioned by Mohammodu Buhari, the newly elected Nigerian President to deal with the Boko Haram problem in the North-East of the Country. Their mission as he mentioned was to ‘reshape the region and destroy the Terror Organization “Boko Haram”.

The Coalition, according to many Nigerian experts such as Oyije Ogbenjuwa, the coalition have reclaimed ‘dozens of villages and strategic places that were initially controlled by the insurgents’. This claim seems to be supported by different local medias.

In these last few months of fightings, scores of Boko Haram’ Insurgents have surrendered to the Task Force, following confrontations, helpless against the fire-power of the coalition. According to the Premium Times, the military introduced unusual strategies such as “sustained offensive operations, pre-emptive air strikes by the air force, road blocking by the ground soldiers in an order to cut the logistics and supply to Boko Haram leading to dissension among the insurgents , and possibly into cases of starvations‘.

It seems that Boko Haram has admit a temporary defeat, leaving the members to surrender without counter-attacking and keeping a low profile. The inhabitants of these regions declared to the Premium Times, that they have this will make their life easier and end the bloodshed.

The reasons for this temporary success follows the appointment of Lieutenant general Buratai Tukur as Nigeria’ Army Chief of Staff. This nomination send a signal to the insurgent and permitted to rise the moral of Nigerians Soldiers. The army became fully preparated for this operation and trained to perform “Search and Destroy Operations”. This military readiness , is happening in a context in which Nigeria is starting to realize its potential, and where the Army , as well as the society are modernizing quickly. Nigeria’ President even declared that he was confident that the Boko Haram problem will be resolved in less than three months


Oyije Ogbenjuwa
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Oyije is an expert of International Relations that is from Nigeria and studied in Israel and Russia.

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