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Fresh and Innovative Perspectives

Most of the International Affairs experts that we hear in the media are ageing experts that were born and grew up during the Cold War. Therefore their vision of the world is more or less based on the idea that the world was led by two superpowers, and then one. They see the world through this lens because that’s the way they grew up.

They clearly fail to acknowledge that by 2000 the world had radically changed, with the invention of the Internet. The world became increasingly connected and developed into a global village; the world economy and world order was about to change too. Now everybody with an internet connection can know what is going on the other side of the world in just a few clicks.

Additionally, many countries called BRICS started to emerge after the end of the Cold War, and most of the experts are unable to analyze the social development that this implies. Not only is there economic growth, but there are also societal and psychological changes occurring in these fast-developping countries.

Young Diplomats’ Editorial Team consists of young International Relations Experts that have all graduated from top universities all over the world. We have experts from across all 5 continents and with 34 different nationalities. Our team is a mix of many different cultures and fields of expertise.

Every single one of these characteristics has created a group of highly competent people, capable of taking in information via the media, understanding every detail of it, noting all of its implications and then releasing a highly qualified analysis on the matter.

All of us were born in the Age of the Internet, and therefore we see the world through more modern eyes than the current experts on Foreign Relations.

Our team analyzes and writes articles on International Affairs, offering a young, fresh, and original perspective that is not currently represented in the media.

If you are looking for 21st century experts, with a modern and long-term vision of 21st century challenges, Young-Diplomats.com is the site to watch.