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David founded Young Diplomats in 2014. His goal was to create a platform for students in International Relations to share their articles with the world. David's holds an MA in Strategy and Diplomacy and works for an International Organization. He can be reached at youngdiplomats2@gmail.com
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Top 10 Most Developed African Countries

17/02/2018 David Allouche 0

Who are the Richest African Countries today? Africa is blessed with an important amount of mineral reserve. Among these reserves are included gold, cobalt, platinum, manganese, diamond, uranium and many more. Unfortunately, due to many […]

Young Leaders of the Month:

26/11/2017 David Allouche 1

Young Diplomats has the immense pleasure to introduce a new project called the Young Diplomats Leader(s) of the Month. The people featured in this project, showing a great potential and desire to make a positive […]

Kurdistan region and Oil Curse

01/11/2017 David Allouche 0

During my early years at school, “Oil Curse” was the term I heard repeatedly, but was incapable of comprehending exactly what this famous expression that is customarily labeled the Arab States or better to say […]

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