How Russia influenced the Brexit Vote and the US Elections

2746718 11/26/2015 Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks at a ceremony to receive credentials from ambassadors of 15 countries in the Grand Kremlin Palace's Alexander Hall, November 26, 2015. Michael Klimentyev/Sputnik

“When will we admit that what Russia can’t achieve militarily he is already achieving using cyber and propaganda warfare.” Today, at the British Parliament A Labour MP has claimed that it is “highly probable” that Vladimir Putin’s Russia interfered in the UK’s Brexit referendum. This referendum was considered a major victory for Russia’ Foreign Policy. 

This would be the second time in a short time frame that Russia is accused of having successfully meddled in Internal affairs of powerful Western States. Ben Bradshaw said Moscow’s likely interference in the vote would fit a pattern of meddling in other nations’ affairs, following the CIA’s accusation that Russian hackers tried to influence the recent US elections.

Speaking in the Commons debate on Aleppo, Mr Bradshaw also claimed that the huge flows of migrants into Europe had been deliberately encouraged by Russia to destabilise the EU.

He said: “I don’t think we have even begun to wake up to what Russia is doing when it comes to cyber warfare. “Not only their interference, now proven, in the American presidential campaign, [but] probably in our referendum last year. We don’t have the evidence for that yet. But I think it’s highly probable.”

The Refugees Weapon

The Speaker also accused Russia, to overflow Europe with Refugees purposely by their actions in Syria. Putin’s sucess to help the election of a pro-Russian American President in the US , and a pro-Brexit Issue in the UK could boost Russia’s favorite in France, Marine Le Pen for the upcoming 2017 elections. Indeed she is seen as a runner up for the next Presidential elections in France, which is a heavyweight in the European Union.

Same is occuring in Germany where German politicians and intelligence officers have warned that  hackers and others acting for the Russian state could undermine Germany’s general elections next year.

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5 Comments on How Russia influenced the Brexit Vote and the US Elections

  1. Sometimes bread crumbs can give details of where the mouse is staying, but what do you do when there is no bread crumbs? You blame the mouse anyways. Pigeon Parliament’s with only sense of directions are from home to office should learn how to take great responsibility of the actions of t bad governing and failed pessimistic future plans of their nations instead of blaming others. If I do recall the beginning of the syrian war, I remember Assad saying if west doesn’t stop meddling with the affairs of Syria they will feel the affect of it. I personally think this is what we are witnessing now. And russia just happens to be a supporter of Asad regime.

    • I think the case of Syria is different. Even if the West is meddling in their internal affairs , we are talking here about support for rebels and a population being slaughtered by her own government. And the Syria as we knew does not exist anymore actually, we have in the North a n autonomous Kurdish entity, a Turkish-FSA entity , a Sunni entity backed by Sunnis countries in Idlib and a Shiite entity led by Iran and Hezbollah. In the Middle and the south of the country the land is divided again between Sunnis and Shiites enclaves, with a Druze enclave supportive of the regime in the south. Without to mention the vast territory in remote regions and in the Raqqa Region of the Islamic State.

      • I totally agree David. But understand when the uprising started in Syria the west should have stayed out instead of giving weapons to rebels to overthrow Assad. Yes Assad would have killed thousands just like his father to crush the uprising and it could have ended years ago, and maybe the hundreds thousands who were killed might still be alive today. That said, the west underestimated Assad as a another Qadafi or Mubarak, or Saddam. I believe Syria is finished and Assad is holding on to a junkyard full of valuables and despair. If being the last man standing as the king of the hill is what he seeks, that might just give him a nano moment of celebration. And I am sure he knows his days are numbered and he will never feel secured within his own nation. Also Russia will soon depart, and Iran might be gearing up for major offence against the Trump regime, and will not have time protecting their younger protégé Assad. Time will always uncover the future, we will waite and see what 2017 brings.

        • Really good and enlightening analysis Bashir , I agree with all your points. Nevertheless this civil war and the emergence of Daesh emerged one big change for the Middle East : We are seening in live the premices of a Kurdish States. Kurds have now totally autonomous , well armed and better structured than in the past ( even if they are deeply divided) and posess one charismatic and legitimate leader. All these elements will undoubtely permit the creation of a Kurdish State, at least in war-torn Syria, in the north from Afrin to Hasake.

          • Absolutely David about the Kurds. I highly admire the strength of the Kurdish people as fighters, leaders, and a well connected community. They have been treated as gypsies or Romas without a place to call home in the triangle , Iraq,syria, and turkey. I belive if the west put all their efforts on creating a strategic seperate state that borders all three nations Iraq, Syria and borders Turkey in the north that could benefit all the big players in the long run in Middle East interest. Iraq and Syria are in no place to argue about a kurdish state due to their unstable condition and turkey with an offer they can’t refuse maybe an extradition of Fathulah lol, they might not have an issue having a kurdish state beneath them, a state that can actually fend off any future terrorist crossing over to Turkey from southern countries. Finally, A Kurdish state or autonomous region of Kurdish people is way over due.

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