Who are India’s Allies ?

This article intend to give a brief overview of who are India’s main allies in the world today.There is very thin line between allies and friends and India knows it very well. India has the particularity to be a neutral country, meaning that they are neutral toward all the nations in the world. India’s main opponents in the International Arena are China (Mostly Economic Rivalry) and Pakistan (Military Territorial conflict over Kashmir). Recently these two countries have become closer to Russia. Therefore the coming years would be of strategic importance for India.

India is neutral to almost all the nations except some of neighbours.
The allies which can be trusted in any situation are:

Israel’s PM discussing with Manuel Valls.

1.Israel : Recent surveys and polls in the Jewish state have shown that India is most favoured nation in Israel and most of Israelis support India over other nations.  India is not only popular at the governmental level, but also among the Israeli population. Israelis seeing India as a natural ally in the fight against Islamic Terrorism.
2.United States:Well,you can’t predict when US would make a U-turn.Supporting Pakistan in back to back wars and selling weapons to them is good example.Recent activites suggests that United States is genuinely interested in India. The Obama Administration tried to get closer to India but was unable to do so because of a weak leader in India. At the end of Obama’s term , Modi’s election permitted to boost ties between the two countries. Trump . the new American President is seen as a good friend of India

US-China : The two big fishes of the South China Sea.


3.Japan :India and Japan have much in common.Both are ancient civilizations with determination to move to the top. Japan has always supported India since its independence. Japan is a strong global economic power. that would definitely be interested by supporting India in order to counter China’s rampant aggressions in the South China Sea.

Will World War III begin in the South China Sea? 

4.Iran :Iran is kind of new ally to India as Iranian government is supporting India on various issues and India is returning back the favour by supporting Iran in nuclear program. India main reason to support Iran is oil. Indeed despite a different philosophy Realpolitik remain important for Indians decisions-makers

How can you be good friends of the US and Iran at the same time? The secrets of Indian Diplomacy.

5.Nepal : Despite financial assistance from China, Nepal share a culture that is traditionally closer to Indian different cultures rather than the Chinese one. Nepal has border agreements with Indias and they have by the past heped Indian authorities to track terrorists elements ( who come to India via Nepalese territory).

Bhutan, Phillipines, Vietnam and South Korea would also be interested to support India in order to curb Chinese growing threat in the South China Sea.

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  1. Israel has been our most dependable ally while USA is most unreliable & a back-stabbed except during JFK regime. Russia has been dependable but mainly due to its long-continuing fight with US and not wanting India to drift in the other camp. During the last 25 years, Russia has negotiated very hard with India and deprived it of vital spares for the supplied aircrafts, ships & other hardware.

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