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Written by YD Staff

Young Diplomats  accepts submissions on a regular basis, including content for the various print editions : the Website, and the Blog.  Contributors may also send other content for consideration, such as original Videos, Photos, and other Multimedia content. To submit your book manuscript or book idea, please email us. Experts, young professionals, and students of global affairs alike, are all welcome to submit their content.

A special note to all contributors wishing to submit their manuscripts: Young Diplomats publishes only original content. If you have published your piece with another outlet (including blogging sites, and any other internet, digital, or print outlet), we cannot accept it. Authors wishing to publish with Young Diplomats retain some rights to their work, however, if they wish to republish their articles or blogs in their personal blogs after said works have been published in Young Diplomats, they must properly attribute Young Diplomats and link back to the Young Diplomats website. Failure to do so will result in immediate removal of the piece from our website and server. If you have any questions about this policy please contact us. 

Before submitting an idea or piece of writing, consider the following guidelines first.

Read our stuff first. Take a good look at the content we publish; it can serve as template for what we accept and what we don’t.

Send us an abstract and a working title. A short paragraph that describes your thesis and conclusions will help us find a spot for your piece. A working title would be just as helpful, but avoid the obvious. We receive too many pieces named: “Middle East Process” or “Conflict in Africa.” We take too long to look at them. Choose a title that reflects on the unique purpose of your piece.

Consider topics fitting to Young Diplomats. From time to time the Young Diplomats’ editors will choose a special theme and topics for an issue. However, in general, submissions can cover any topic of the author’s choice that is in line with the publication’s mandate and general themes of global affairs, diplomacy, negotiations, and conflict resolution. Consider that the audience of the publication is global; therefore, issues should be relevant to our audience.

Don’t pitch your company or organization. Is your piece about a product or service that you are paid to promote? Young Diplomats will not accept any content designed to advertise your employer, client, or organization. You are, of course, free to mention your work as a disclosure on your bio, but it should not distract from the content you submit for publication. Promotional pieces can be directed to our Business department. Email us for more information.

Avoid wonky language and insider jargon. Choose an engaging and accessible style, and consider that your audience is the world.

Tell us who you are. Give us a short bio that tells us who you are, and about your interests and aspirations. If possible, include a resume or prior clips.

Follow the particulars. Submit your article with your information in a word document (devoid of complicated graphics or fonts). Do not include footnotes, endnotes, or a list of references. Hyperlinks are welcome and will be included when the article is published online. However, please do not link to Wikipedia. Any accompanying graphics, photos, graphs, or tables should be submitted on a separate document. We will not return any material, so do not mail us original documents.

Below are the types of submissions we accept:

  • Web Features: 600-800 words
  • Print Features: 1,000-1,200 words
  • Videos: email here with your proposal
  • Photography: email here  with your proposal
  • Book Manuscript: email here with your proposal
  • All other content: email here our editors inbox

Email your content to the editors.  In the email subject title, please include “Submissions” and your submission’s working title. We usually take about five working days to get back to you with a decision.