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Chrishanth Nelson is a writer in Young Diplomats. He is based in Sri Lanka and writes articles on international relations, foreign policy, security issues and current affairs. Chrishanth has completed his Bachelors degree in Social Sciences and holds masters degrees in South Asian Studies (UNESCO Madanjeet Singh Institute of South Asia Regional Cooperation, India) and Linguistics (University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka).

Sri Lanka
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Created new post - What will Turkey choose F-35 or S-400
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10 Jul 2019
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02 May 2019
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24 Apr 2019
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03 Apr 2019
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25 Mar 2019

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Though the end of cold war has reduced the military expenditure dras...Read More

13 Jan 2019
Created new post - What Vostok-2018 mean for the West
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05 Oct 2018
Created new post - BIMSTEC: India’s alternative to SAARC
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19 Sep 2018
Created new post - Growing influence of US and China in the South China Sea
Introduction The US and China are great powers and when it comes to them, diplom...Read More
01 Sep 2018

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