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Experienced professional with a demonstrated history
working in digital media. Central and Southeastern
Europe expert. Skilled in analysis, research,
and writing (history, politics) with 10 years of experience.

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Created new post - From Ancient Forums to Today’s Messengers: How did Propaganda Become Such a Powerful Weapon?
Why is propaganda so powerful? It’s a weapon that has an enormous influence on individuals and gro...Read More
25 May 2020
Created new post - How Social Media Disinformation Alters International Relations?
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17 Feb 2020
Created new post - Populist Social Media and Propaganda ?

Are populist social media pages virtual propaganda parades ?

There are thousands of people ...Read More
13 Dec 2019
Created new post - " governments should be proactive in dialogue and global forum "

Idriss Zackaria is the Director of Young Diplomats Africa, the part of Young Diplomats project...Read More

10 Dec 2019
Created new post - Fake News: The Architecture of Distorted Reality

The Fake News are not new 

Different tools of propaganda have always had an importan...Read More

12 Nov 2019
Created new post - Populism: A Threat to Democracy?
Populism is, at the moment, one of the fastest growing political and social trends and it has a fe...Read More
20 Oct 2019

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