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Created new post - Bolsonaro backs anti-Congress protest and opponents call for impeachment
During the Carnival holidays of 2019, Jair Bolsonaro—still in the nascent months of his presidency...Read More
12 Mar 2020
Created new post - Opinion poll sends severe warning signs to Bolsonaro
“I’m sorry for the mishaps. I wasn’t born to be president, but [I was born] to be a military m...Read More
15 Jun 2019
Created new post - What to make of Jair Bolsonaro’s first 100 days in Brazil?
The 100-mark bears enormous symbolism in politics. While there’s nothing particularly special abou...Read More
11 Apr 2019
Created new post - Bolsonaro’s Diplomacy: three groups clash for foreign policy control
The foreign policy of president Jair Bolsonaro will be the result of conflicts between three groups ...Read More
15 Feb 2019
Created new post - Follow what is really happening in the Jair Bolsonaro administration
It’s been almost a month since the beginning of the Jair Bolsonaro administration—and it has bee...Read More
03 Feb 2019
Created new post - Brazil’s role in efforts to topple the Venezuelan government
Brazil is getting involved in the Venezuelan crisis. Nicolás Maduro’s days as president of Venezu...Read More
23 Jan 2019
Created new post - Which Brazil will Jair Bolsonaro inherit
When president-elect Jair Bolsonaro walks up the ramp to the Palácio do Planalto on January 1st, h...Read More
16 Nov 2018
Created new post - What will be Jair Bolsonaro's foreign policy?
It's been less than 48 hours since Jair Bolsonaro was confirmed as Brazil's president-elect - and th...Read More
31 Oct 2018
Created new post - The power of fake news in Brazil’s elections
The Superior Electoral Court had three presiding justices this year – and each stressed the need t...Read More
27 Oct 2018
Created new post - Is Jair Bolsonaro, the new president of Brazil, a fascist?
Is Bolsonaro a fascist ? Like many people, I resist throwing the word “fascist” around too often...Read More
16 Oct 2018
Created new post - Will Brazil’s far-right make a push for a first-round win?
What a difference a week makes concerning far right. Seven days ago, Workers’ Party candidate Fern...Read More
09 Oct 2018
Created new post - What has happened to the left in Brazil ?
Lula and the Brazilian left - political situation of Brazil After three electora...Read More
29 Sep 2018
Created new post - Brazil’s 2018 campaign kicks off: here are the candidates proposals
Brazil’s 2018 presidential race has officially begun. From now on, candidates are allowed to distr...Read More
14 Sep 2018
Created new post - Explaining Brazil #24: How do elections work in Brazil?
On October 7, around 147 million Brazilians are expected to head to their polling station, show thei...Read More
04 Sep 2018
Created new post - The rise and fall of South America’s Pink Tide

Pink tide is an important phenomena in South America. By the end of ...Read More

02 Sep 2018
Created new post - Recessions spell trouble for Brazilian leaders
Brazil's economy is far from efficient and productive. A few months ago, Santander analyst Luciano S...Read More
28 Aug 2018

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11 Aug 2018
Created new post - Who are the voters who will choose Brazil’s next president?

On October 7, Brazil will hold its first election since Operation Ca...Read More

10 Aug 2018
Created new post - Explaining Brazil Podcast #23: The importance of picking the right vice president
  Criticized by the left for forming an alliance with Mr. Temer and his party, Lula said in ...Read More
08 Aug 2018
Created new post - Will Lula be able to run for president?
Will Lula be able to run for president? During its national convention this weekend, the Workers’...Read More
07 Aug 2018