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David founded Young Diplomats in 2014. His goal was to create a platform for students in International Relations to share their articles with the world. David's holds an MA in Strategy and Diplomacy and works for an International Organization. He can be reached at
Noam Hakoune holds a licence in political Science in Paris. He is specialized on the issues of Defense and International Security.
Idriss Zackaria is an international reporter, editor, and specialist in international media and strategic communications. He is currently based in Chad writes mainly for international media on Middle Eastern ,African politics, human rights, political risk, security risk management, African economies and media ethics. Zackaria has completed a Bachelor of Arts in Mass communication, and holds a master's degree in political sciences and public administration.
Hope to study political science, international relations, economics, and history. Also have interests in general science and urban planning. Advocate for education reform.
Adrien Gonin is a young and rising economic analyst. He studied Economics in top French and German University. He is widely recognized as an expert of European and American Economies. Email:
The Brazilian Report is an independent media outlet uniquely positioned to offer an insider’s view on current affairs in Brazil.
Dana Chocron is journalist specialized in Latin American social questions and in the Middle East.
International Relations and Diplomacy student at the University of Bologna, Italy. Keen interest in international relations and diplomatic life, with a special focus on the EU, UN, and USA
Jyoti is an Indian Geopolitical Analyst. Jyoti's is leading Young Diplomats communications from Podcasts to Videos.
My Name is Rizky Ridho. I am interest in Politics, Democracy, Theology, Philosophy, International Relations, Religion, Europe
Chrishanth Nelson is a writer in Young Diplomats. He is based in Sri Lanka and writes articles on international relations, foreign policy, security issues and current affairs. Chrishanth has completed his Bachelors degree in Social Sciences and holds masters degrees in South Asian Studies (UNESCO Madanjeet Singh Institute of South Asia Regional Cooperation, India) and Linguistics (University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka). contact:
Jason Roth is a journalist and analyst of US Foreign Policy. He holds a MA from a Prestigious University.
Rosario Hernandez is a promising political analyst from Venezuela that grew up with the challenges of the 21st century. She studied journalism, holds an M.A in Political Science and a diploma in Political Marketing. She is specialized in the changing political landscapes of South America and the Middle East.
Journalist, diplomat, youth advocate and entrepreneur
Brenda Leka , 23 yo, from France M1 : comparative politics
Sattar Kingrani is a Pakistani blogger and columnist. He is specialized in Pakistan and Afghanistan affairs and security and has a keen interest in world politics and diplomacy.
French student in Political Sciences from Paris. She has a high interest for international relations and geopolitics from all around the world.
Experienced professional with a demonstrated history working in digital media. Central and Southeastern Europe expert. Skilled in analysis, research, and writing (history, politics) with 10 years of experience.
Hawkar J. Majeed is an analyst. He is specialized in the Middle East region, focusing in particular on Iraq, and Kurdish affairs, His interests include interventions, world politics, conflict and foreign policy analysis. He finished MA in politics and international relations at UKH in Erbil.
plus55 is the first media outlet created to bring content about Brazil to foreign audiences. It was conceived by a group of Brazilian journalists who wanted to help solve a big problem: misinformation and disinformation about our country. We feel that the international media has neglected Brazil for decades. Now, it concentrates its coverage primarily on economics. While it’s an important issue, economics alone cannot help you understand all of Brazil’s complexities. Brazil is a land of contradiction and nuance. But don’t worry. We’re here to help.
I hold a BA Degree in South and Southeast Studies from Leiden University in the Netherlands. After completing my undergraduate studies, I continued with graduate studies obtaining an MSc in Political Science with specialization in International Organizations and Security and Intelligence studies from Leiden University. My interests lay within the framework of NGO’s, non-profit, entrepreneurship, leadership, international security, peacekeeping, political science, South and Southeast Asia, MENA and Latin America.
PG Scholar @DEAS, University of Delhi + Former Support Staff @ Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India
Hasibul is passionate about world politics and culture. He is a member of YoungDiplomats Asia and represents Bangladesh in the organisation.
George C. Harrison is an I.R. scholar with the University ofStrathclyde. He has worked with the BETA Europe, based in Berlin, and regularly writes for various international relations blogs and news sites. His academic interests cover international relations, conflict resolution, the EU and NATO, international organisations and nationalism studies.
After my degree in Sciences Po Paris, I lived one year in India where I specialized in Asian geopolitics. In 2016 I taught geography in La Sorbonne, while giving conferences about Human rights in the Red Cross. I am now a new teacher in the ESADE (university of law and geopolitics) in Barcelona.
Politics student at the University of Glasgow and Sciences Po Paris. I have an interest in European security and institutions, with electoral sociology keeping a special space in my academic research.
Kamal Ahmed is a graduate of Political Science and Public Administration from the University of Benin, Edo State Nigeria with a double major in education. After his first degree in 2012, he worked briefly as a part time lecturer in a College of Education where he taught Political Science and Public Administration as well as some education courses. He has a keen interest in writing on Political matters, defence and security with special focus on Africa and the Middle East. He has published a number of articles on both online and print media including Young Diplomat. He is currently a post graduate student at the Nigerian Defence Academy, Kaduna where he is pursuing a Master's degree in Defence and Strategic Studies.
Civil Engineer
Mirza Jahanzeb Beg is a Renowned Human Rights Researcher, Psychologist, Political Analyst and a Journalist. He has Studied International Law and United Nations Mechanism and worked with various International Organizations and spoken extensively on the Geopolitical issues of South Asia on various International Platforms.
3rd year student in Political and Social Sciences at the Institute of Political Studies 'Sciences Po' in Bordeaux, France. I spent a year as an exchange student at the University of the Free State in Bloemfontein, South Africa. I have a high interest in international relations and geopolitics.
Zarif Ahmed is an aspiring international affairs professional in Canada.
Jawad Ali Shah is currently enrolled in an undergraduate program in International Relations at University of Sindh, Jamshoro. He has exposure of a number of training sessions, seminars and workshops attended on different international and national issues. He has also served as a speaker in seminars taking place at his campus. Moreover, he is very committed researcher in the field of International Relations. Further, being student of IR, he has a critical eye on every issue the world is facing today; he sees the issues diplomatically and analyze the consequences swiftly. He also writes on current affairs in national and international magazines such as The Sindh Times and The Young Diplomats. Besides, Jawad is also a part time teacher, teaching in a private institute named The Intellectuals Point since 2015.
BA in International Relations with Applied Quantitative Methods from the University of Essex. Current student in International Security at Sciences Po Paris, with concentrations in Middle Eastern and Intelligence studies. Interest in history, Grand Strategy, and the use of force.
Colombian lawyer currently studying a master in international law in France
A keen observer and writer about Geoeconomics, Economies, Geopolitics and Affairs of Middle East, Europe and India
I am a student of international relations. My area of interest is the Middle East and South Asia security and defence issues.
graduated diplomacy department, my ambitions are the middle east rescuer, decision-maker, theories painter.
Master of applied science student with a passion for environmental journalism.
Inzamam Baloch is undergraduate Student of International Relations at Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan. He hails from District Sibi, Province Balochistan. His area of Interest is diplomacy, International Issues and foreign policy of Pakistan.
Bastian Harth has completed a Master of Arts in Politics, Governance, and Public Policy at the University of Sheffield where his research focused on how Brexit affects economic, political, and security EU-Japan relations. Previously, he studied at the Tokyo International University in Japan where he did his Bachelor’s in International Relations. He is a foreign affairs correspondent at "The Speaker" and an opinion writer at the "Asia Times". He has also published a peer-reviewed policy brief on water grabbing, and a blog on "coffee land grabbing" as a policy analyst for the Global Policy Journal. Currently, he is a Blue Book Trainee at the European Commission's Single Resolution Board.
Studying International Relations and Business Management in Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel; currently serving in the IDF.
Facundo Barbaro is an analyst from Buenos Aires. He is an expert of the changing political landscapes in South America. Facundo is dedicating his life to international relations. He believes that is he is part of an international new generation that should not continue paying the mistakes of the past and has the obligation to start working for a new era in the history of man.
The Atlantic Sentinel is a transatlantic news, analysis and commentary website that aims to help readers better understand the news today — and anticipate what will be in the news tomorrow.
MPhil Scholar in International Relations Quaid-e-Azam University
As the director for South East Asia, Albert believes in the importance of fresh perspective and unbiased information. He strives to accommodate bright minds in Southeast Asia by offering Young Diplomats as the platform for young minds.
Maham Khan is currently pursuing her undergrad in IR from Quaid-i-Azam University, Pakistan. Her areas of research include global political economy, globalisation, social issues, and growing concerns for environment due to climate change. Reach her at
Purushottam is a journalist from Nepal. He has a high inclination toward security and strategic issue related to Nepal. He holds a Masters in International Relations and Diplomacy from Tribhuvan University .
Post grad student studying International Relations and National Security with a job as a political campaign coordinator. Interests include defence issues, energy security, Asia-Pacific studies.
Un comité de rédaction est un ensemble de personnes décidant de la ligne éditoriale que doit suivre une publication périodique. À sa tête se trouve un rédacteur en chef.
Here is Mr. Rafiullah, hails from Pakistan. He is a graduate of Political Science from Quaid e Azam University Islamabad, Pakistan. He has one Semester study experience in Montana University, United States of America. He enjoys reading books related to politics and international relations. He is keenly interested in debates about contemporary issues. His area of interest is the rise of nationalism at peripheries in Pakistan. His graduation essay is on the rise of peripheral nationalism in Pakistan.
Sudarshan Ananta Nepal is an economic analyst and researcher. He is currently associated with think tank and worked with development partner. He is also a writer and a columnist. His areas of interest cover regional corporation, trade, investment and security.
Yahaya Alphonse is an MA (International Relations and Global Politics) student with a BSc in Biology and BA Political Science(Hons). He is the former President of the AlgomaU Students Union. He enjoys Model UN and munk debates. Yahaya was one of the 3 delegates chosen from Canada, to attend the Global Diplomatic Forum with 100 other delegates from over 75 countries. He sits on the steering committee of the African and Caribbean Cultural Association of Northern Ontario.
Michelle worked for the Israeli Foreign Ministry in both Los Angeles and San Francisco. Fluent in Farsi and English, she specializes in American and Iranian policy analysis.
Expert in influence and building of online media Media and Social Network expert / Media builder Political communication ( Focus about Middle East)
I'm Student pursuing masters in Mass Communication from Manipal Institute of Communication, Manipal Academy of Higher Education. My articles will be based the role of Media and how it has been actively used by countries and states.
Antonio Schiavano. I was born in Salento, a little strip of land in the periphery of world. I don’t know how I develop my crazy passion for International Relations. However, since I have understood that I wasn’t good enough to become a footballer, i.e very very soon. I’d like to become a diplomat, but if the fate won’t help me, I’d like to work in the security field and as a political analyst.
I hold an undergraduate degree in BSc Economics from the University of Birmingham and am a prospective master's student in MA Intelligence and International Security at King's College London. I have developed an interest in international security and foreign policy and hope to use the platform of this blog to further investigate conflict and security dilemmas.
I'm, at the moment, the mentor for Game Theory and Economics for IIT Bombay's Maths and Physics Club's Summer of Science Programme. Previously, I have served as an Analyst for The Indian Economist and currently, discharge the roles of the Global Ambassador for the Kosmos Journal (USA), the Alumni Ambassador for the Yale Young Global​ Scholars (Yale University, USA), and the Goodwill Ambassador for the Committee for Legal Aid to Poor (CLAP, India). ​I'm a regular contributor to The Huffington Post​, TUNZA Eco-Generation (powered by UNEP & Samsung Engineering), Voices of Youth (powered by UNICEF),​ and have​ also​ been a blogger for The SPAN, the official magazine of the US Embassy in India​​ in the past.​ I have also been on board of the editorial team of the Novak Djokovic Foundation (Serbia).​ In addition to the above, I've also​ worked with the Climate Trackers (Philippines) as a​n​ editor- translator where I translated ​and edited ​handbooks on Climate Change​, which were later presented at COP-22 in Morocco​.​ ​I've been awarded a silver prize in the senior category of the International Essay Competition organised by the Royal Commonwealth Society, London, UK, twice, in 2014 & 2016 respectively, on the merit of my submitted entries & as recommended by the jury panel. ​​I was a special invitee at the International Literary Fest chaired by Ruskin Bond.
FoodFusion and Geopolitics is an original Blog that discuss Geopolitics while giving cooking recipe from the country he is talking at the same time. YoungDiplomats recognize the seriousness of its recognized Author Roni Cohen.
MA student with a genuine interest in Russian military security challenges and the implications for NATO and the EU.
I am syed ambar chishty from sufi saint family myself also sufi and working for charity "moinuddin foundation" i love to work with all religions and peace work too.
I hold a degree in Development and International Cooperation obtained at University of Bologna. I am currently a postgraduate student in International Affairs. I mainly focus on sub-Saharan Africa. I am interested in geopolitics and conflicts. I have already wrote some geopolitical articles for italian magazines
A Student of International Relations
Maryam Siddiqa is a writer at Young Diplomats. She writes on defense, foreign policies, terrorism, security issues, nuclear warfare, military strategies and current affairs in global politics. She studies International Relations at Széchenyi István University.
My name is Syed Ahmed Ali I am a Student at Szabist in Karachi. I am currently doing my bachelors in social sciences and majoring in International Relations. I have a unique interest and appetite for Politics and International relations and wish to start my carreer as a writer and blogger to express my views on politics and Interrnational affairs. As a student and as an enthusiast I hope i can learn and express my ideas to the fullest.
Political Science student with a passion for international relations
A researcher at University.
Afzal Panhwar is graduate of University of Sindh in International Relations.
A student of Defense and Diplomatic Studies, with a passion of writing about world politics. Have a keen interest in giving my own opinion while looking at other's to show where the world is moving towards.
B.A. (Hons) in Political Science and M.A. in Public Policy. Associated Researcher at the Institute of Andean Political Studies and Professor at the Universidad Católica de Santa María (Perú).
My name is George and I have a fascination with world politics and Economics. My field of experience and somewhat expertise is U.K. and Irish politics which is very topical In modern day times, Brexit, Irish reunification to make a few.
International relations student at MGIMO (Moscow) - Former international law and political science student at the University of Versailles-SQ, and at Palacky University (Czech Republic, European legal and political issues) - I am keen to deepen a multidisciplinary approach to international relations.
Rehan Rajput is an experienced Political Analyst, Writer & Researcher. He has been successfully working as Political Analyst for the last 5 years with proven experience of Political Content Writing, Analysis & Debating over Indian State, National & International Political developments. He is equipped with a well-researched knowledge & database about Global Politics. Please feel free to reach out for new assignments at -
I am a freelancer, blogger, and running a news page on Instagram. I have a keen interest in GeoPolitics, and I follow all the latest events.
Masha Ugryumova is a Russian Analyst currently studying in Paris. She is managing Young Diplomats writers' team. Her outstanding skills led her to lead Young Diplomats Communications.
Greetings, My name is Mustafa and I'm graduated from Bahcesehir University Istanbul with a Bachelor's Degree of Poltical Science and International Relations . Currently working on One Belt One Road Initiative, China-US Relations, Eurasianism and Venezuela Crisis. I'm willing to continue my academic career on Global Politics. Moreover I'm a Researcher in Bosphorus Center for Asian Studies (BAAM). We as BAAM, have been working on the topics impacting Asia. Kind regards!
Hamza bin Liaquat is a mechanical engineer by profession, but his passion to pursue a career in national and international politics brought him to journalism. Now he is working as a freelancer, writing articles and blogs in various newspapers and online media websites.
I am a History student based in India with keen interest in Geopolitical & Geostrategic affairs and International Relations.
Louis Gleason is an aspiring diplomat who hopes to one day pursue his Masters Degree in international relations. Currently a high school student, Louis is the leader of his Model United Nations club and the editor of his school’s political newspaper.
Musfirah Rashid currently enrolled in FJWU as a student of Defense and Diplomatic Studies. Associated with Youth Entrepreneurship Society as Manager of logistic and finance. Also linked with Lincoln’s Corner as FOC at Fatima Jinnah Women University. My expertise includes strategic development, Research and I have a command on policy making. Voluntarily working with many NGOs and think-tanks for the escalation of peace in society.
freelance science, climate, environment journalist; student at the University of British Columbia
French student in public international law, pasionnated about peace building.
Iam 10th grader student, CSS aspirant, Staunch patriot and Social humanitarian.
I believe in a strategy that would work best for Africa. I am a Marxist and I believe it is the only way we can make the world a better place. I am an expert in International affairs and specialist in security and strategic studies.
This is democracy manifest
Blogging is my passion and traveling is my life
I have done Bachelor's in International Relations from National Defence University Islamabad.I have interest in research and current affairs and political events happening around the world.
Anna holds a BA in political science from Paris-II Panthéon-Assas University and currently studies at Paris School of International Affairs, Sciences Po Paris. She is passionate about international affairs and has a particular interest in EU-Russia relations and EU foreign policy. She published articles for The Paris Globalist, a French-Russian website L'observateur russe and Kommersant, one of the leading Russian daily newspapers.
I am a final year undergraduate student in Electronics at Jaypee University, Himachal Pradesh. Having immigration background myself, I've always had a keen interest in issues pertaining to national security, religion's impact on international issues, immigration and its effects and in recent times, Entrepreneurship, developments in technology and its implications on strategic growth of nations.
Hello everyone, I'm John founder of I love to write about kitchen related stuff and recipes and more things about it.
I am a freelance writer with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and years of experience in sales and account management.
I am a student pursuing my graduation in Commerce and Law with specialisation in International Law. Reading and writing about Geopolitics is my passion and this is the field where I wish to make a life for myself.
Syafruddin Arsyad is an independent researcher focusing on the latest current affairs in the Middle East and their impacts on other regions of the world, including Southeast Asia.
I am Astghik Hayrapetyan. I hold BA and MA in International relations from Yerevan State University. Currently, I am enrolled in a postgraduate study in the NAS RA Institute of Oriental studies. I worked at the Investigative Committee of the Republic of Armenia and I have the first subclass of the junior official class rank of the RA state service. During my study at the university, I took part in the scientific-educational program called "Shirak historical and cultural heritage study" school of young scientists. I am an author of a scientific-analytical article titled “NATO’s strategy in the post-Cold War world order in 1989-1992” referring to the NATO's strategy transformation in the final stage of the collapse of the USSR and the emerging post-Cold War world order (1989-1992). Currently, I am enrolled in the postgraduate study at the department of the International relations of the "Institute of Oriental Studies” on an extramural basis. As a dissertation thesis "The US Middle-Eastern policy during George W. Bush'spresidency (2001-2009)" was chosen and approved by the Scientific Board of NAS RA Institute of Oriental Studies. In August 2017 I was a delegate in the youth forum and flagship event "Defence and Dialogue in Eastern Europe" organized by Euro-Atlantic Diplomacy Society in Bucharest, Romania. In September 2018 I became IAPSS member and took part in IAPSS Summer School 2018 “Migration on the Mediterranean Sea” held in Nice, France. The scope of professional interests includes the South Caucasus and the Middle East, the policy of global and regional actors in these regions, the geopolitical and geo-economic environment, ethnic and religious conflicts and their relevance to international law.
Kristen Smith is a blogger and content writer who write many articles on Health, Travel, Business, Web Design, Social Media, and Technology. She enjoys reading a new thing on the internet. She spends a lot of time on social media.
Shanna is an HEIP student in Paris. She has conducted several interview for Young Diplomats and is in charge of recruiting and managing a team of collaborators throughout Western Europe.
Started with being the last student of the class now trying to change the world. love debating, mun, public speaking, volunteering, business case solving, presenting and so on. Dreaming to get a noble prize. An Autistic School Teacher. is an Association (Asagri) based in Romanian of Students Learning International Relations and Geopolitics. They have signed a partnership with YoungDiplomats.
Hailing from Doda, Jammu and Kashmir, I have completed my Masters in English Literature from University of Jammu. I am an independent researcher, poet and painter as well. My three research papers are published in International Journal of English Language, Literature in Humanities (IJELLH) and I write for Kashmir Pen also.
A psychology student in Glasgow, living my transnational life all around Europe. As a fact-checker and former editor-in-chief, I have always looked for stories told by the people who live it compared to the big picture, the data analysis. Every story is of interest to me, be it psychology, politics, ecology or lifestyle.
PhD Candidate at the School of Politics and International Studies, Central China Normal University, PR China. He has completed M.Phil in International Relations from National Defence University Islamabad. His research focuses on South Asia, Strategic relations, foreign policy of great powers, extremism and terrorism. He frequently writes about current affairs in different international magzines.
Dr. Yoav J. Tenembaum is a lecturer in the Diplomacy Studies Program, Political Science Department, at Tel Aviv University. He obtained his doctorate degree in Modern History from Oxford University and his master’s degree in International Relations from Cambridge University. He was awarded his BA in History at Tel Aviv University.
I want to use my platform and voice as a young Australian to catalyse positive change across the globe by spreading articles on topics that revolve around international affairs. I'm an aspiring Diplomat and I want to further deepen my understanding of global affairs by writing for the Young Diplomats. I have a passion for increasing the level of wellbeing in various countries. I am determined to do anything within my power to speak up and advocate for improving health and wellbeing across the world. Last year I placed first across Australia for the national 'My First Speech' Competition, in which I talked about measuring a country's success in terms of wellbeing rather than GDP. On this trip I fell in love with the idea of government advocacy and using policies to protect the rights of people and dictate the outcome of Australia’s wellbeing. I used this opportunity further develop my connections with policy makers in the hope to one day stimulate action on the topic improving wellbeing amongst Australians.
Spanish student enrolled in a franco-spanish double degree in political sciences and international relations.
Auguste is a young french man. Currently, studying political sciences and international relations in Paris at HEIP . Passionated of history and international relations, he would like to become risk manager for private entities.
Nitin is a student of masters in political science, having a keen interest in International relations with main emphasis on Indo-Pacific region. His hobbies are reading vividly and penning thoughts on various issues ranging from Geo-politics to everything related to domestic politics. He is also an occasional poet and write his ideas about what he observes from nature through his poetry.
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Maysa Fouly is an English Editor
Mihai Chihaia is the Executive director of Young Diplomats, in charge of strategic affairs. He previously held several positions in international NGOs and government bodies.
Student of defense and Diplomatic studies
Rana Danish Nisar is a PhD (International Relations) Student at the School of Politics and International Studies (SPIS), CCNU. He holds Mphil in (International Relations), Masters in (Pakistan Studies), and Masters in (International Relations) degrees. He won acceptance Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations HPAIR, 2017. His research interests are broadly in South Asian Affairs, South Asia Geo-Politics, US and South Asia, Indian Ocean, Security studies, South Asian developments studies
PhD scholar at QAU
I am a Nigerian Researcher, Academician and Public Speaker. I am a also a highly inspired personality with a passion for skillful research and learning in the fields of International Relations; with special interests in Diplomacy, African Governance and Global Security. A graduate of History and International Relations from University of Jos and a Master of Arts (MA) Honors from Coventry University (United Kingdom). Was privileged to be tutored under renowned academicians like Professor Bruce Baker of African Security, Professor Neil Renwick of Global Security (Former Chair Global Security UK) and Dr. Simon Massey of the African Studies Centre, Coventry University. I also posses a certificate in Conflict Analysis from the United States Institute for Peace and an online Course in Public Policy from Blavatnik School of Government (Oxford University). I am currently serving as Senior Consultant; Security and Educational Services with Meyana Bio-Energy Jos, as well as a Research Assistant with the National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies (NIPSS), Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria.
Student Defence and Diplomatic Studies
I'm Amavi Moore, working as a digital marketing specialist for Amavi Home Health and Hospice Care Services, Inc. We strive to provide the best care and service to each patient and their families.
Amal Anzari is pursuing her Masters in International Relations from India. Her interests vary from musing to Leonard Cohen to pondering over Amartya Sen's works to deciphering Trump's latest tweets. When it comes to IR, particular areas of interest are Security and Defense, Feminist Politics, Foreign Policy and Globalisation of the International Polity. Contact:
Passionate about Smiles, Photo, Music, Innovations,Digital Skills,Writing,Technologies,Civic Education,Youth, CSE, Social Protection, Agriculture,Training, Development Issue, Businesses,Project Management, & Gender Audit and Skills Development.I am proud#HeforShe
I hail from Panjgur, Balochistan. I am a studying International Relations from Qauid-i-Azam Univeristy, Islamabad. I am also a contributer to Rationale47 (An independent Think Thank on Pakistan's NatSec & Diplomacy). I have also written topics germane to social issues of Balochistan. I have written Research Paper on Federalism of Pakistan.
Oyije is an expert of International Relations that is from Nigeria and studied in Israel and Russia.
Translator and bilingual editor with 17-year experience
I hold a bachelor's degree in Political Science and did my Master's degree in International Relations at the Catholic University of Louvain. I have worked in the Mexican Embassy to the Kingdom of Belgium, the Duch of Luxembourg and mission to the European Union in Brussels, Belgium, as well as the Consulate General of Mexico in Shanghai. I'm currently studying Mandarin at Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
Master's degree of Public Administration Bordeaux Political college Preparation for the administration of Foreign Affairs.
political science student
A 17 year old from turkey who is interested of what is going on around the world.
A writer, journalist, student of social sciences and a learner for life.
University of Leicester politics and International Relations
An undergraduate student pursuing graduation in the field of Political Science and Economics from the St. Stephen's College, University of Delhi. Interested in the field of International relations, Strategic analysis Always ready to engage in the pursuit of knowledge and discussion.
David has been teaching in the Elliott School of International Affairs at George Washington University since 2001. He served previously in the U.S. Foreign Service for 37 years including as ambassador to Burkina Faso and Ethiopia.
Geopolitics enthusiast, specialized in international law. Law graduated at the University of Milan.
MA in Military Discourse .
Lic Policy Best financial and money management Blog
I am a student in central and eastern European studies at the University of Glasgow
I am the co-founder of Canduit, an ed-tech social enterprise. Previously I've volunteered with UNESCO and led a wide range of conservation initiatives. I also co-founded the Penn Program in Environmental Humanities at the University of Pennsylvania.
Gareth Seagull is a politics enthusiast!
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I am a Masters student at the Department of Geopolitics and International Relations,Manipal Academy of Higher Education,Manipal,Karnataka
Having lived, studied and worked in various countries, Lisa enjoys interacting in an international environment and strives to promote diversity and inclusion. With her multidisciplinary background in culture, politics, languages and economics, she aims to combine different perspectives, come to new approaches to solve problems and connect people. She has a Master of Science in Political Science.
Aidan is an analyst of International Affairs. He is specialized in American Politics and the Middle East. He is currently studying in a prestigious American University.
Young African gentleman interested in the field of diplomacy , international relations and conflict resolution
Have a deep understanding of international politics, Sensitive to political events, especially those of Middle Eastern states
I study political science at Sciences Po Bordeaux in France. I like defense and international security.
Student Defence and Diplomatic Studies
Australian based lawyer, consultant and freelancer with a working interest in international relations and public administration. Bachelor of Arts (International Studies), Bachelor of Laws from the University of Canberra and Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice from the Australian National University, I've worked in law for governmental authorities and private firms. As a consultant, grant writer and ghost-writer I work with various Non-Governmental Organisations, non-profits and B-Corps operating in the refugee, environmental and human rights space internationally.
Completed his BA in Sociology at Bogazici University. He is the Director of the Bosphorus Center for Asian Studies (Boğaziçi Asya Araştırmaları Merkezi), a leading international think tank which focuses on the Asia-Pacific Region.
22 years old Italian student of International Studies in The Hague. the Netherlands. Passionate about IR, diplomacy, security, and foreign affairs. Soon to join the IMSISS Erasmus program at Glasgow University.
My name is Mary Dansoa Danso. I am 29 years of age, from Ghana West Africa and a proud Africanist. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Communication Design and a master’s degree in International Relations and Diplomacy. I have interest in Retelling and advancing the African story and truth through writing. I also have interest in international politics and cultural study. These identified areas span from personal interest in the listed disciplines and knowledge gained through academia. I hope your platform gives me the opportunity to serve that purpose through writing.
I’m a passionate youth in accounting, entrepreneurship, volunteering, diplomacy, diversified culture and global friendship. By this, I aim to bring a significant change into my community. I believe that the best investment which a country should invest in is its youth and they won't be able to improve without their inclusion. I'm as one of those youth developing my skills, experiences and qualities to be a positive change maker in my community.
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Studies International Relations at National Defence University, Islamabad. Bear keen interest in regional and national politics.
information technology coordinator Former professor
I am 23 Y.O, fresh graduate in Civil Engineering and I have started to take a big interest in global issues like Climate Change. I am creating this blog to share my ideas with people on this community and read about other people's thoughts and reflections on this matter and others that challenge the planet.
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Balkis Chaabane is a Tunisian female graduate student hoping to change the world. She earned her BA in English Language, Literature and Civilization from the University of Sfax in her home country. Being an Alumna of a US State Department Exchange Program called the Thomas Jefferson Scholarship, she studied English and International Affairs at the University of Southern Indiana. Motivated by her interest in peacebuilding and NGOs, Balkis is actively taking part in conferences, doing research and furthering her academic pursuits to hopefully work for the UN one day. She holds several positions with different non-profits around the world benefiting from her editing experience, social entrepreneurship, conflict resolution skills and mediation. She also speaks four languages which allows her to further connect to different backgrounds. Balkis identifies as a Peacebuilder, a Social Entrepreneur, and an Activist.
I am a business strategist specialized in the fields of hotel management and tourism. I have obtained my bachelors degree in business from Northumbria University, UK. I am engaged with Kaplan Business School, Australia to complete my Master's in Hospitality Management and Tourism Leadership. Moreover, I am pursuing research related to international relations and diplomatic studies. Avid researcher, entrepreneur, strategist, maritime diver + a rally driver.
I considers myself a ‘forever student'. I am fueled by my passion of writing, understanding the Pakistan affairs and Political views. I don't hesitate to share my views with readers.
Chercheur en relations internationales, coordinateur des jeunes d'Amnesty internationale de Rabat et fondateur du club diplomatique des jeunes
Je suis refugié Liberien ici en Cote d'Ivoire
I am an enthusiastic international and national diplomacy reader and writer.I do research world affairs. For me reading and writing about politics is like fairy tales that gives me pleasure. My understanding about International relations may be low but my interest and maddness about politics is beyond thaughts.
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Eden Sahle is founder and CEO of Yada Technology Plc who is excited by Fintech. She has studied Law and International Economic Law with a long-term carrier experience working on tech industry. She is also a human right, equality, equal opportunity for all activist, long term community work volunteer and public speaker who enjoys networking, traveling and reading. She is a multiple best African writer award winner from BBC World on investigative and feature story writing. She strives to improve governance, rule of law, human rights, economic and societal problems in Ethiopia and Africa through her regular column at Addis Fortune News Paper under the title “Sunday with Eden” She is an outgoing person who spends most of her spare time learning new skills, financially and professionally supporting students. Her ambition is to make a valuable contribution bringing societal and economic transformation in her country.
As we all know that person must feel what he wants to write. Following my roots from Bihar,India I have faced and felt many socio-economic problems that's why I want to write about it. I have completey bachelor of engineering in 2016 and right now I am working in Tata consultancy services. I love to write on political and socio-economic issues that are faced by common people and country.
Student of Accountancy and Finance at the University of Aberdeen Strong interest in International Politics, Diplomacy and Strategy
I am a fourth year student of Political Sciences and Public Administration at Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University. Also I am a double major student in the field of International Relations.
Brodie McLaughlin has recently completed his Bachelor and Honours in International Relations. His interests span across conflict resolution, investigative journalism, international development and foreign affairs with particular regional focus in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the U.S, Turkey, the Middle East, and Africa more broadly.
I work as a communications executive at McCrindle, a social market research agency. I have an LLM and an MA in international relations.
Born in Saint-Marc on October 28, 1998, I did my classical studies in Saint-Marc, my hometown at the college CONGRÉGANISTE FRÈRE HERVÉ. After my classical studies in 2017, I began religious training in the congregation of the Brothers of Christian Instruction but I quickly realized that it was not my vocation and I gave up. So in 2018 I joined the Centre d'Etudes Diplomatiques et Internationales to do my university studies. At present I am studying international relations. Apart from my university training, I followed many other training courses. I obtained the InforMEA diploma in international environmental law and governance, I have a battery of certificates in the field of sustainable development and climate change, I have an OpenClassroom course certificate on digital transformation. I am passionate about the great points which are at the origin of the safeguard of our planet and also of the values ​​which protect the dignity of the human person. I really like the social that is why I get involved in community activities through associations. I am the president of an association created within the CEDI "Elite Family Association". I am the editor-in-chief of CAFÉ DIPLO. I consider myself as an ambassador of hope for the youth of my country. I hope to be able to contribute to the development of my country and why not of this world.
Graduated from Ankara University, International Relations department. Been at Marie Curie Sklodowska University, as an exchange program students. Working at Africa Foundation as a research assistant.
I, Pratyush Kumar, a computer science engineer is currently pursuing my MBA from School of Management & Entrepreneurship, Indian Institute of Tehnology, Jodhpur. I am a tech enthusiast, like reading books, writing books and reading to background scores.
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Abrar Ahammed is passionate with public speaking and writing aiming at bringing new ideas and visions for the Supreme good.
Graduated on Microbiology from University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Studying MSc on microbiology in University of Dhaka.
Aspiring Diplomat. Passionate about foreign affairs, politics and Europe.
Des earned her graduate degree in International Relations from the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (NTU) in Singapore in 2019. Before making a big leap into this niche, she was previously engaged in the world of language and literature, and to a certain extent, the banking industry. She embraces the value and diversity of her professional experiences, but is now concentrating on building a lifelong career in IR. Her research interests include Asian studies, non-traditional security issues, and Philippine foreign relations. This is her first contributor page.
2nd year student of International Relations at UDELAR, in MVD, Uruguay. I have a passion for history and international politics. Currently I have a keen interest on South America and the EU.
Etudiant en finance à l'université catholique Sainte Thérèse
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I am a student of International Relations, University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh.
Renata is a young woman from Brazil who has been engaged in the fight against climate change for four years. She has conducted research on climate policy at the University of Queensland Australia, has presented a paper on gender equality in climate finance as a keynote speaker at the International Conference on Climate Finance in Bangladesh, has been a research intern at Women's Earth and Climate Action Network (WECAN) International, developing the Women Speak project about women on the frontlines of climate action, and has also attended COP21 with the official delegation of Brazil, for which she was supported by and acted as a reporter for the Embassy of France in Brazil. She attended the Yenching Social Innovation Forum in China as one of the 35 young leaders from the entire world on sustainability, where she presented her pitch on women's voices in climate action, being the only female representative from Brazil. Renata interned for the Tinker Institute on International Law and Organizations, where she conducted research on migrants and refugees, gender equality and sustainability, as well as represented the organization at the Commission on the Status of Women, the ECOSOC Youth Forum, and multiple international law events in New York City. Her paper presented in Bangladesh was co-written with the founder of the Tinker Institute, Dr. Catherine Tinker. Renata has continuously been spreading the word about the need for climate action, and she represented a large youth-NGO in Brazil, Engajamundo, at the Massachusetts Institute at Technology during the Crowds and Climate Conference; She was one of the authors of Engajamundo's winning project in the category "Shifting Behavior for a Changing Climate". In conclusion, in her 22 years of age, Renata has traveled the world to speak on environmental issues and the need for the inclusion of vulnerable groups, such as youth and women, in these talks.
International relations student Abuad.
Currently, an undergraduate student at Tokyo International University. Have interests in cross-cultural, intercultural exchange, language, IoT, AI and marching band. | IR enthusiast
Political science and international relations student
Après avoir été trois ans d'étude de me médecine, je me suis orientée vers les études de relations internationales et diplomatie, un secteur qui m'a toujours plus et dans lequel je tire un grand plaisir. Après avoir été enfant parlementaire en Guinée, maintenant jeune parlementaire en Suisse, à Genève, je suis très engagée dans différentes activités de jeunes pour apporter du changement.
Tariq Alferis is a Medical student that Completed 5-year college degree and Graduate from College of Business Administration and pharmacology. , he has been volunteer in different organization And very active in civil society such as Social innovation, environment, diversity, equality, positive communication he get engaged in international issues that are beyond his community because he part of the whole world and he cares about the other beyond his circle he learned that he still have to do a lot of things in his country, and be more socially engaged, he works directly to Strengthen and spread high-quality peer-to-peer education in the field of adolescent sexual and reproductive health (SRH) and HIV prevention with y _peer network and he is proud to have chance to be country repressive for team 54 project and blue luxury investment that gives him the light to founder his youth 4 sustainable developmental goals organization which focus to learn and exchange ideas among the developed communities
Razvan Munteanu holds a Ph.D. in Middle East studies, and is the President of Chamber of Excellence in International Affairs (CEIA), a Think Tank based in Bucharest.
Diplomacy and Public relations department. Middle East rescuer
Student of International Relations at National Defence University
A geopolitics and NSAGs enthusiast, currently enrolled in Delhi University, BA history(hons). My course is expected to conclude by July 2022.
I'm a creative content writer having four years of experience.
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Student in War Studies at King's College London.
I'm a MSc. International Relations and Diplomacy student at Leiden University, Netherlands. Have worked at various organizations mainly researching, drafting and writing articles. Please check the following links for sample work:
I am a Sociologist and author who has core interest in women empowerment focusing on women's identity in the African society surmount ingredients patriarchal challenges.
Double MA degrees in Peace Studies and Cultural Policy and Management, while my bachelor was in International Relations. Generally interested in relation between art/culture and politics (international relations), UNESCO topics and conflict resolution/peace-building. I have experience with writing, as I was one of the authors of magazine for culture in Belgrade and for an american magazine of economy - Insider Monkey. Currently I am working as a digital account executive in Belgrade, while preparing applications for PhD abroad. I would like to write about arts and politics, influences they have on each other and their interdependence. Also, I would like to write about cultural policies around the world - similarity/differences.
Heather Patterson-Ogbulie, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the United States, has a passion for all things international and loves to research, talk, and write on it! She lived out her keen interest in politics and international relations, by living, studying, and working in Cairo, Egypt for 13 years. Heather has a Master's Degree in Political Science- International Relations from The American University in Cairo.
I am engineer background want to become pm of india
Wasim Jalal is a student of BA-LLB at Sindh Law College, Hyderabad, Sindh. He writes on various international issues and is an analyst.
Hello! I’m Anita. I studied International Relations (B.Sc). I’m still a work-in-progress, yet to do masters but very abreast and knowledgeable. Learning is my forte!!
Nilly Kohzad is an economist, journalist and poet.
A student of History and English Literature at the University of Edinburgh. Fluent in English and French, conversational German and Arabic.
I have an interest in developing my knowledge in relation to Asian culture and anything related to it.
Masters in International Relations Looking to pursue a career in foreign policy
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Je m'appelle Tahir Mahamat Bello, j'ai 26 ans. Je suis diplômé a l'Ecole Normale Supérieure d'un diplôme de Professorat d'enseignement secondaire 1 Jeune leaders et motivé
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I am Nacer Nafea, a high school graduate student.
I am a Nigerian UK based Journalist,currently on my MA International Relations programme at Staffordshire university. Writing is my passion and weapon to change the world.
I am a Computer Science graduate who has a keen interest in international relations and happenings around the globe, particularly South Asia, China, Middle East and North America.
Simply Complex Personality with a Vision for a better tomorrow
MPhil in Strategic Studies, National Defence University Islamabad. Dissertation title: "North Korea's Nuclear Program: Deterrence or Devastation". Completed bachelor's degree in diplomacy and strategic studies with distinction from Punjab University, Lahore.
English instructor for Chicago Public Schools. I love to travel, hang out with friends and family and explore different places and cultures. Training wing chun kung fu, balintawak, (stick dueling), modern arnis (stick-knife), combat sambo and silat Snap: fuk184
I am studying in Bachelor of Pharmacy , Khulna University
Alice Guirguis is a student at Macquarie University studying security studies. She was formerly the Deputy Women’s Officer at ANU and has been an advocate for the rights of women of colour for several years. Currently, she is a research volunteer at the think tank Australia 21 and a correspondent at the Organization for World Peace. Her areas of interest are the Middle East and North Africa, Australia’s changing security landscape, and the increasing focus on non-state actors in international affairs.
Completed graduation from Ferguson college pune and another bachelor degree in Public Service from YCMOU. Having interesin public relations, politics, international relations and geopolitics.
Currently studying French and German at Durham University, I am a 21-year-old student interested in foreign affairs and diplomacy. I have been looking to write about foreign affairs for a long time and I would love to share my thoughts and ideas, especially in these unprecedented times. I have an excellent understanding of Europe and diplomatic relations concerning the United States, Europe and Asia. This is thanks to university research for my university course as well as the many podcasts that I listen to and foreign policy based news articles I enjoy reading!
Young Portuguese living in the United Kingdom. I fight with words for a EQUAl, FAIR and JUST world. Aspiring to become a diplomate and promote innovative reforms
Je suis un réfugié centrafricain vivant au cameroun, étudiant en deuxième années de journalisme.
I am a student of International Relations at International Islamic University Islamabad.
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Abdul Mussawer Safi is an undergraduate student of international relations at the national defense university Islamabad. He has a profound interest in World politics especially, in the regional dynamics of South Asia. His academic strength is critical and SWOT Analysis. He tweets at @MussawerSafi and can be reached at
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Vineet is an engineering graduate from India an avid International affair watcher and a passionate Foreign Relation Analyst.
Born and grew up in a border zone were a political line divided 2 cultural worlds, explored the world by land and sea, acute observer of society people and their differences or commonalities. Student of Political sciences and international affairs.
Member of National youth Assembly pakistan. Youth Minister pakistan. Youth Diplomat pakistan. Divisional president Nya. Chairman young democratic organization.
Jsem vystudovaná sinoložka.
Rahil Siddiqi is a deep enthusiast for Foreign Policy and International Relations. Working for organizations such as the Muslim Public Affairs Council and AMWEC, Rahil provides a deep look into global events and affairs.
Day Job: Enterprise Resource Planning Analyst Rest of the Day: Reading about international geopolitics and economy issues.
I am a student of BS. Defense and diplomatic studies at Fatima Jinnah Women University.
Since I obtained my national doctorate degree in international relations and international law, I have devoted myself to scientific research in international relations and all its ramifications as well as questions of social anthropology.
Hi, my name is Steph. I am hoping to become a first year International Relations student at the University of Edinburgh in September. I have a strong interest in geopolitics and am hoping to either work in the Foreign Office or similar, or become a political journalist in the future. I have a particular interest in learning more about the politics of South America, as well as Europe and the USA. I also have a strong interest in feminism, particularly the role gender plays in the sex trafficking industry, as well as the environment.
An idiosyncratic, mythology fanatic who's always at zenith. A true Austen-geek and an avid traveller.
Currently a Philosophy undergraduate studying at the University of Bristol.
Third Year student at the University of Notre Dame Australia studying a bachelor of Arts and Law. My ambition is to eventually find an occupation in the field of international or human rights law and become a positive influence to the world.
Observing others to understand the world.
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I am M. Phil Economics and like to write economy, political and social issues.
A highly motivated and hard-working international relations grad from METU. I am very interested in peace and conflict studies, international law and sustainability.
I'm a student of political sciences.
I have a master in political sciences . I am so passionate about politics.human rights.societies
I am Bangladeshi.
Iam helpless with someone problems
I'm a sophomore student
IT Professional
I am currently an A-Level student at school, to take my A levels in 2020 summer. I am very interested in politics, and hope to go on to study Politics and International relations at a university, which I am yet to decide. I am particularly interested in relations and the development of China with other countries and the possibilities of a new world order, changing of liberal internationalism. On the side, I like to study the emergence of sporadic political events such as the Brexit vote and Trump- and explaining their importance and why they happened a they did. I feel strongly about China because I have lived in HK, whilst going to school in England so have experienced cultural differences and similarities.
I am a PhD candidate at the University of Northampton. I am specialised in Post-colonial studies; particularly issues related to the Arab- Spring. Also, I am very keen on refugees literature. I had extensive trainings on diplomacy and international affairs.
Author and Personal and Business Development Consultant
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Joe Cabrera holds a BS in Journalism from Ohio University and an MA in Global Affairs from the University of Oklahoma, with a special focus on international security studies. His primary areas of interest include diplomacy, human rights, media studies, peacebuilding and of course, foreign policy. He brings a unique perspective to the landscape of diplomatic relations due to ample personal experience with international travel before obtaining a postgraduate education, enabling him to interact with foreign cultures and immerse in their customs long before developing geopolitical awareness. This unorthodox approach culminates in a holistic interplay between observational worldview, objective reporting and academic analysis.
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With a background in International Studies, Politics and Development, Conflict Peace and Strategic Studies. Habiba currently works as a Strategy and Business development Manager in a multinational company headquartered in Nigeria. She has presented and written on several subject matters spanning gender, drug abuse, agribusiness, AfCFTA and national development on both public and private sector platforms. She's an expert trade facilatator and has successfully closed several partnerships. She's passionate about family and social circles and enjoys baking and movies.
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I'm a student of international relations at SCHOOL OF POLITICS AND INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS , SPIR , Pakistan.
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Adam Moussa Kallani spécialiste en curriculum et évaluation
Étudiant en Master 2 en sciences économiques et de gestion
Amzath Abdoulaye is a political and geopolitical consultant, specialized in international relations and diplomacy. He has a solid experience in analyzing geopolitical issues and understanding global political dynamics. Amzath Abdoulaye worked for 2AFConsultServices as a political analyst, where he gained expertise in the fields of security, governance and diplomacy. He has written numerous articles for specialized publications. He has also worked as an analyst and consultant for the media, including E Télé, ORTB, Éden Tv, Esae Radio, Océan FM, where he provided expert analysis on geopolitical issues. Today, Amzath Abdoulaye is an independent consultant and advises businesses, government organizations, and individuals on geopolitical issues and international relations. He is passionate about his work and strives to provide his clients with accurate analysis and practical recommendations to meet their foreign policy needs.
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I am interested in Politics My aim is to become a politician. I am a blogger.
Shingirai Nyahwa works with Masvingo Residents Trust in Zimbabwe as a researcher and he is also the current Southern Region secretary of the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) Zimbabwe Youth Leadership Training Alumni Association. He holds a Bachelor of Social Science Degree in Politics and Public Management from the Midlands State University in Zimbabwe. He is also a Writer and a Blogger with many articles to his name appearing in various publications throughout Zimbabwe and Africa.
Born and lives in Nigeria
Political Science
A young diplomat with strong negotiation skills.
Am a student of international relation at pioneer international university.I am a passionate a researcher in the field of International Law,International Development and diplomacy
Hi! My name is Kieran, I am a graduate of International Relations and German from the University of Queensland in Australia. I have a keen interest in transnational policy issues of the Asia Pacific and public health more broadly. My most memorable experience from my undergrad course was undertaking a summer course at the Queen's University in Belfast, Northern Ireland where we learned about post-conflict reconciliation and social justice!
Isabelle is a Political Science student interested in poverty and futurism. She is a member of the Research Laboratory in Politics and Internet. She is also an activist at Youth Voices and at Engajamundo.
Abu Dhabi is the United Arab Emirates’ capital city, coming second in line after Dubai for its population. The city has seen a fast ascent worldwide prominence with oil discovery, back in the 1950s. The city has continued to act as a leader in the Arab art and culture scene ever since. The Al Nahyan Family is the present ruling family of the city and share direct ancestry with the Baniyas Tribe that originated from the Liwa Oasis.
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I am an 20 years-old law student very interested in diplomacy and international relations. I'd like to pursue my studies in environmental and international law.
Masters student in the field of politics and IR, I am passionate about many issues regarding society and geopolitical relations, most essentially with regards t the middle East, Europe, the UK and France. I also specialised in security issues and am very keen to post articles on culture and society, two other interests of mine.
I went to Diplomatic college,living normal life a man of people and societies
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I am 21 years old now. attended Ebenezer Divine School Complex from 2008 to 2014. I also had my Secondary education in Keta Senior High Tech. School from 2014 to 2017. i am currently an undergraduate bachelor of science student at the University Ghana, Legon.
Global Studies graduate with a strong passion for international issues and that is seeking to expand its knowledge and to contribute in some way with some of my experiences and training.
I've tried my hand at a variety of degrees, from Law to Literature, but am now focussed on enriching my knowledge of defence, counter-terrorism and the global economy.
A determined students of International Relations with a strong interest in the questions of territoriality, nationality,sovereignty. Aspiring to look at these notions through the lens of Politics and Sociology.
Having finished my Bachelors Degree in History I have found some extra time on my hands. I will be studying a Masters in International Relations this fall. After I completed my dissertation I have wanted to go further and display my interest in diplomacy.
Je suis Wilfried MBA NGUEMA. Jai 30 ans, célibataire mais père d'un garçon de 3 mois. Je suis détenteur d'une licence en relations publiques avec une spécialité en relations internationales. J'ai exercé pendant deux ans dans une association nommé Citoyen et Actions. Aujourd'hui je suis sans emploi.
Nathaniel Sher is a Research Assistant at the Carnegie-Tsinghua Center in Beijing. His research interests include U.S.-China economic relations, tech policy, and global governance. He received his MA in International Relations from the University of Chicago and his BA in History from Oberlin College.
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I'm just trying to learn about diplomacy
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Graduate of Young Diplomats Academy AYD in Poland Award winning established human rights defender Journalist
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친절과 봉사는 저희 리콜출장안마의 간판입니다. 모든 관리사 분들은 철저히 교육받아 고객들이 서비스를 받으시는 동안 왕처럼 대접을 받는 것을 느끼실 수 있도록 합니다
Hola a todos, esta es Emily, nena caliente que figura en la lista de Córdoba Escort por brindar la mejor versión de la alegría adulta. A los hombres les resulta bastante difícil resistirse a sí mismos. Sí, normalmente doy placer en todas las actividades sexuales.
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Alex Kohn is a British economics student currently studying abroad in Lisbon. He has a passion for world politics and economic policy making. He is well suited to an editorial role due to his keen eye for detail and ability to add insight.
Passionate about politics, human rights and ICTs for development. Currently a Visiting Research Assistant at the United Nations University Institute on Computing and Society (UNUCS) in Macau SAR, China. Holds a MSc Comparative Politics from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and a BSc in Political Science from the University of Lisbon.
I completed my bachelor’s degree at the University of Prishtina, in the department of Political science and concurrently I completed further studies at the faculty of French language and literature at the same university. I hold a Master’s degree in European Politics at “Masaryk University” in the Czech Republic. I was awarded by a full scholarship from the Joint EU SEE Penta program of the European Union. During my undergraduate studies I was engaged in various local and international activities. I have also worked as a journalist in local television in Prizren and undertook research at the “Gani Bobi” institute in Prishtina. I have also been engaged in translating works for the Academy of Arts i Prishtina. After my studies I have been working at the Center for Security Studies, and currently as a policy adviser at the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports.
I am a law Student from Germany in the third year with experience in the field of international law. I studied one semester in Riga and one in Paris. Therefore, my English is very good and my French is good. I already wrote articles in high School for the school newspaper and for an independent organisation of writers, the "Juma"-Magazine. In my academic years, I wrote, next to five essays concerning German law (all 25+ pages), also essays about international law (e.g. concerning the accession of the CJEU to the ECHR) and geopolitics (comparison of Asian countries in terms of geopolitical factors). I would really like to contribute to your project, because I like to write articles and am specially interested in diplomacy. I hope that I meet your expectations and you can freely contact me via e-mail or Facebook.
I am a PhD candidate at the State University of Milan. As part of PhD research, I am examining interaction between state and society in rural areas of Pakistan.
علي احمد من واليد انجمينا عاصمة جمهورية تشاد طالب جامعي حاصل على شهادة اليسانس في الاتربية وعلم النفس وادارة وتخطيط تربوي
I spent 3 years backpacking around the world, but I did it without an instagram so you'll just have to take my word for it! I'm a current student of Public Administration at Erasmus University Rotterdam, aspiring diplomat, motorcycle enthusiast, history buff, and pretty much interested in all things related to international relations. I'm currently learning Spanish, French, Swahili, and American Sign Language. I hope to use this blog to write about topics that interest me and improve my writing skills.
A hard-working,versatile and well-grounded individual who is currently involved in NGO work in East Africa.Adding to this, is an individual with a positive attitude who believes at attempting to excel at setting goals and achieving objectives while being able to simultaneously contributing towards the socio-economic upliftment of the society around him whose interests lie in Policy Analysis, Law, Non-Profit Management and Education.
A student of Spanish and Italian Language and Culture with a keen interest in Latin American politics and international relations.
Holds a BA in linguistics and an MA in library & information sciences. I have more than 20 decades of experience in teaching, editing and translation.
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Baccalaureate at Diplomacy and Public Relations, work at Kurdistan Student Development Organization.
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I am an English Master student majoring in English literature and the history of ideas. I am also a certified senior facilitator by the UN Habitats and Soliya Connect. I am someone who is passionate about volunteering on a local and global level. My other passions include public speaking and debating.
An international relations graduate, I am passionate about civilisations, cultures and how they frame global politics. Having lived in three countries and visited a few more so far, I enjoy taking the pulse of a society by going in the midst of it or speaking its language. Outside of work I try to be a community builder, I am a passionate reader and an optimist writer with a flair for active citizenship.
My name is Cameron, I am 16 years old. I have a keen interest in politics from living in a time of constitutional turmoil in Scotland during our independence referendum. However, this has made me insightful and eager from a young age. Now the UK is faced with leaving the EU - during both crucial referendums I was too young to vote but this has only increased my desire to participate in the democratic process. This has led me to take an interest in international affairs so I try to keep up to date with the world news. My favourite subjects in school are Politics, Geogrpahy and Modern Languages. Next year I want to take Philisophical studies and Modern Studies. I am lucky to have the amount of subjects I can choose from and id like to share my knowledge and experience with people worldwide. In addition, I am a map enthusiast and I want to visit every country in the world.
University student enthusiastic about geopolitics, international relations, and sustainable development.
Sumbul is the student of International Relations.Being an student of social sciences she works on reading, observing and writing about social and political issues and many current happenings and tries to convey knowledge to others.She can be reached at
An Indian student of International studies in Italy, previously lived and studied in England, extremely passionate about peace making through diplomacy and policy-making. I always try to form a well informed opinion about the current issues, considering the opinions around the world.
PhD scholar in the field of Party Politics in Pakistan. keen interest in Civil-Military Relations, Institutionalisation, Security and Environment
Hello, my name is Elhiraz ENGONDA MOHAMBI. I'm a young gabonese. I'm a teacher of English. I'm a membre of a small Jewish community in Gabon.
Né le 26 avril 1981 à Lomé la capitale du Togo en Afrique de l'ouest, je réside actuellement en Afrique centrale précisément au Congo - Brazzaville. Je suis diplômé en Marketing - Communication et Logistique. J'ai déjà travaillé dans des grandes institutions internationales telles que DHL International, le Groupe GDES, AMEXFIEL etc.. Aujourd'hui je suis consultant indépendant auprès des grands groupes tels que WACEM - DIAMOND CEMENT, G-PERFECT etc... J'ai une très grande passion pour la diplomatie et suis très fasciné par le concept et la vision de YOUNG DIPLOMAT.
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I was born in Lagos, Nigeria. I am scholar that have great in interest in international relations. But I specialize in conflict and strategic studies. I love to be an active contributor on international politics as well as also learning from others.
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Interested in Politics, International Relations, Philosphy and Political psychology. Keen observer of contemporary issues.
A student of Agrégation Anglais ( the equivalent of the Master's Degree) at the University of Arts and Humanities of Sfax. Interested in volunteerism, reading books, writing articles, storytelling, movies, and music.
Amina Sarwar is an aspiring lawyer from Canada who is interested in the global policy actions regarding health and politics.
Co-Founder of EDiTS. Double degree graduate in International Relations and Business Administration. International Women’s Think Tank researcher. IAPSS Research Committee Chair. Impact driven. Bilingual & multicultural. Lived in six countries, and traveled about forty.
Alexandra, 26 years old, has studied law & real estate in Athens, Greece ( LLB, NKUA, Law) with a postgraduate degree on real-estate law (LLM, RICS, London, England). She is currently working as a trainee lawyer at Greece and has also worked as a youth consultant and public speaking trainer for various organizations (i.e. WFUNA & United Ambassadors).
Hello, It's Buğra.I'm 23 years old and from Turkey/Ankara. Normally my motherland is Istanbul but I live in Ankara for my university education.I study Arabic Literature and International Relations. I worked in Albanian State Television on project based in Eurovision song contest as a press member. Nowadays I'm working in the NGO who is writing projects about developing relationship between the EU and Turkey. Also I'm preparing Youthpass campaign and writing Erasmus+ projects too.
Waqar Ahmad Usmani Lead (Senior Associate), Political Intelligence Unit (PIU), Indian Political Action Committee (I-PAC), India Political Campaign Management │Strategic Communication & Research │NGO functionality & Core Advocacy Design │Field Operations
I am a 2nd year international Relations student who hopes to go into a job in the UN in either women's studies or refugee
Getting started in the field of International Relations, Extremely eager to learn and speak my thoughts.
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International Relations Research student : Space Diplomacy
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It's Helen Everitt from USA, i am a marketer by profession and currently doing marketing for newyorkstemcell.
I'm a paramedic in Los Angeles and have always had a keen interest in international affairs and relations as it relates to the US. I would love to share my knowledge on subjects that interest me.
I am President of stratosphere international
My name is Alhaji F Kamara, hold a bachelor degree in political science. Am a development worker and I have worked in the developement world for the past five years.
master student of international relations in atu university of tehran
I'm working as a Customer Service Officer at Bank Asia Limited.
এটা আমি যাকে পরিচিতি দিলেও আপনারা নাম মাত্র চিনবেন।চেষ্টা ও কর্মঠ দুটই আমার বিপক্ষে।তবে নিজের প্রতি আসস্ত আছি।সফলতা পাই আর নাই পাই সবসময় পাশে থাকার চেষ্টা করব।
I am Odutayo Praise. I’m an indigene of Ijebu Imushin. Currently,I am a student of Obafemi Awolowo University ile-ife,Department of International Relations.
French student doing a Master's degree in security, defense and competitive intelligence in Nice. Before this, I have done a Master in political science and a university diploma in conflict analysis. Before, I have followed a Bachelor's degree in private law. I am really fond of geopolitical, strategical, defense and security questions.
Student , social activist and a young blogger .
A post graduate in Political Science from Jawaharlal Nehru University. International Affairs and diplomacy are my speciality.
Being a Management student, I always aspire to contribute to the things that I really find interesting. Geo-politics and events in international affairs are of great significance and If someone wants to delve deeper into that, then Young Diplomats gives an opportunity to do so. I believe that knowledge is the master key and there's no limit to it.
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I'm 22. Young chadian. Graduated in Public Law.
Graduated as Engineer but more interested in Politics and socio-economic challenges in Global World. Aspirant of civil service of PaKistan.
French student, studying political sciences and interested since a long time in international relations
Ecuadorian International Analyst, Diplomat, Graduated in 2018, International Relations and Diplomacy Degree. Human Rights defender
My name is Abdullah shaw. I belong to Pakistan. I am a fresh graduate while holding the degree of Bs (hons) Linguistics and English literature.
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Currently an undergraduate student, expected to graduate with a Bachelors of Science (honours) in Economics and Politics by early 2021. Highly interested in being critical and analysing current affairs from a political and economical standpoint. Also an avid gamer in my free time!
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French student in international political sciences
PhD Student at Lomonosov Moscow State University specializing in international security issues. Special focus - space politics, Asia.
Am a graduate of Economics educationist, an MSc in sustainable development practitioner in view, an entrepreneur, a fashionist, a public speaker,a lecturer.
I am government teacher as well as writer.
Holding Political Science degree with multitasking skills & volunteering passion, seeks to participate and spread ideas and analysis from other perspective
M.A in international relition Currently working as a police officer in kpk Pakistan.
A Chinese student who is studying at the University of Amsterdam.
Ukrainian political blogger, analyst, journalist.
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The author is a student at the School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University. He is currently pursuing his Master of Arts in Politics with a Specialisation in International Studies. His interest areas lie in Indian foreign policy, Realism, strategic studies, Indo-Pacific, the rise of China in geopolitics, India’s relations with great powers, and geoeconomics.
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I am an undergraduate studying and living in Bordeaux, France. Currently, I am studying English and Spanish languages and civilizations. I am really interesting in international affairs and diplomacy. I think it is important how all governments rule to better understand our world. Later, I would like to work in this field because of the range of opportunities we could have. I discovered Young Diplomats on Facebook. So, I decided to become a team member so as to improve my writing skills and my English. Moreover, I want to share my ideas and my thoughts with you. Finally, I am here to discuss with you about foreign affairs and others subjects around geopolitics.
Studying politics, law and economics with a special focus on international relations I am fascinated by EU - Asia affairs due to the importance of these two economic areas. Especially the evolving importance of Asia in world politics interest me a lot. If you want to learn more about me, check out my linkedIn profile under
Samy Amanatullah is an experienced educator, freelance content creator, and human rights scholar from California, USA. He has a BA in sociocultural linguistics, and a master's in human rights. His areas of interest include propaganda and disinformation, international relations, geopolitics, civil and human rights, and conflict resolution. While he no longer considers himself young, he strives to be diplomatic.
Allwell Akhigbe is a graduate student at the Institute for Peace and Strategic Studies, University of Ibadan, Nigeria. His Master’s thesis is centred on the challenges and prospects moving across West Africa without visas under the ECOWAS Protocol on Free Movement poses for cross-border policing. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and Diplomacy from the University of Benin, Nigeria. He is fascinated by African borders and the dynamics of interactions they engender including border security, migrations, as well as transnational organised crimes which has inspired his recent researches. He is a member of the Association for Borderlands Studies and has presented papers in Europe and Africa at several conferences including the Association for Borderlands Studies and the Border Region in Transition world conferences. Allwell has been the guest of several television and radio media houses in Nigeria sharing knowledge on how to build a much more peaceful society.
Master of International Politics in KU Leuven, B.A PoliticalScience and Public Administration in Bilkent University.
A senior student at the School of International Relations and Public Administrations at the National University of Mongolia. Specializes in Non-Traditional Security research. Founder of the Student Think Tank "Vanga Solutions" inter-alia.
Student from Italy, interessed in diplomacy.
Purushottam is a journalist from Nepal. He has a high inclination toward security and strategic issue related to Nepal. He holds a Masters in International Relations and Diplomacy from Tribhuvan University .
I am a Ph.D. researcher in the field of international relations. My core research covers international institutions, the negotiation of domestic policies and international agreements that facilitate equitable open economies, promote cooperation between groups and governments, and advance peace and development. With a background in law, and additional work experience in teaching and pedagogical management, much of my research is interdisciplinary. My research and publications cover issues such as migration, migrant remittances and conflict/conflict resolution, trade policy, financial technology and inclusion, and technology for education.
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A Student of International Politics and Area Studies with interests in Geopolitical risk analysis,Policy making and East Asian Studies.
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I am a student and I am Chadian citizen.
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My name is Allah Rakha, i have done my MS in Management Sciences from The islamia University of Bahawalpur. i have 7 years of Professional experience in different International organizations.
Political Insights is a new media startup focused on delivering timely analysis on the latest geopolitical developments and events. We cover a wide array of regions and subject matter in order to provide in-depth and unique perspectives on international affairs. Our goal is to provide a platform to provide objective content and news across the globe without the sensationalism.
"Every Country Became Strong By Own People struggles" I am citizen a country that have no full recognized from international community no country will recognize my country until i choose my first priority to represent about my somaliland such as, who is my country, where is my country, what was my country history. somaliland is my country. i recognize my country
Keen observer of international politics...
PhD student at the Political Science department of the University of Houston. A lawyer and researcher in the field of international relations, my research highlights African conflict resolution processes and how these processes can positively impact on institutionalized international conflict and dispute resolution strategies. My research also covers the formulation and implementation of local policies that influence and facilitate international trade, mediate trade wars and promote development. I am passionate about promoting African culture and ideals, as well as contributing to navigating the issues which are pertinent to Africa’s socioeconomic development, in areas not limited to education and local content development.
I am currently in the final year of my bachelor at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. I study History/International Relations and next year I will be enrolling at the University of Amsterdam (MSc in Political Economy). Besides my education, I have lived in Serbia, Russia, the UAE, the US, and the Netherlands. This means that I speak up to 4 languages (Russian, Serbian, English, German) albeit with differing levels of proficiency. My personal interests align with my studies as I am extremely aware of European affairs and global trends. My writing skills are also quite advanced.
I am Junaid Gondal student of International Relations from Numl Univeresity.
Hello! I am a second year student of the double major in Law and International Relations in the University of Navarra, in the north of Spain. I am passionated about diplomacy, global affairs and international strategy, and I am willing to share what I know with others!
I am a student, studying Politics, with a keen interest in international relations, and am particularly knowledgable on Eastern Europe.
Writer, Researcher, Analyst
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Studies international relations and diplomacy.
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I am a 24-year old Irishman with an interest in politics and international relations. I hold a BSc in Matematical Sciences from the University of Limerick and I have had articles published in the Irish Catholic journal, The Brandsma Review. I was also involved in the Pro Life Campaign during the abortion referendum in 2018. My political views could be described as Christian Democratic, socially conservative, economically pragmatist and leaning more towards internationalism than nationalism.
I'm a trained journalist, and also just completed my BA in international relations, I'm a keen follower of current affairs and read just about anything that is informative and useful
Diarmad MacKinnon is a writer living in Scotland.
Student of International Relation
this is Umair Aijaz, student of agribusiness
my name is ariel kabuchi nderi. an author of foreign jurisdiction books and recenlty iv taken akeen interest in foreign policies and other laws from different jurisdictions all over the world
I am a passionate educator and youth coach with a hungry brain for change towards a better society.
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I am M.phil scholor, in field of internatiinal relations
economist politist and geoeconomist
I was born in Blagoveschensk, Russia to a very diverse family. My mom has Ukrainian-Belarusian roots, my father has Russian roots, and my far ancestor was from the English Johnsons family. 2014 was so interesting to me,I was heard about Euromaidan on Ukraine, I was heard about Russian occupation of Crimea, I was witness of end of support of Microsoft Windows XP on April 8, 2014, I was created my project named EXPLORER, I was ever become a fan of Ariana Grande and was a witness of Manchester Terrorist Attack on May 22, 2017, which was occurred on Ariana Grande concert and left 22 people dead. However, Ariana Grande left alive, she working on her new songs, now she was organized her new world tour, and I'm continuing to work on my project.
I have graduated at the Faculty of Security Studies at the University of Belgrade, and currently I am enrolled as a master student at the Faculty of Political Sciences at the University of Vienna. Participant in several debates and discussions on a relevant topic in the field of international security. During my studies I was also an active member of the debating club at the University. Rich social engagement and long-term involvement in non-governmental organisations (NGOs). I have special interests in areas: International relations International law and International criminal law Migrant policy and the right of migrants Defense policy Terrorism and organized crime
Estudiante de Derecho UTO. Ex Parlamentario Juvenil del Mercosur 2014 - 2016. Ex Becario CRISCOS 2018. Investigador en Pregrado.
I am the Founder & President of Swaraj Bharat , A youth based organization that acts as a platform for youth's from across India to unleash India's softpower potential.
I'm a high school student interested in diplomacy and globalisation.
I completed the Erasmus exchange program in the Department of Political Science at Göttingen University and I am 4th in the Department of Political Science and International Relations (English) at the Faculty of Political Sciences at Marmara University. My interests include War literature, theories of international relations, war and power policy in international relations, globalization, Artificial Intelligence and technology, and the Sustainable Development Goals. There is also my Medium page where I publish my own writings. I am also a researcher in the International Relations platform called Global Studies (Küresel Çalışmalar), Bosphorus Center for Asian Studies, and a writer on the platform called SANATKARAVANI.
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I would say I am going to destroy american mondialist organizations and make Eurasian Empire strong and peaceful for the people of East
Niaz Rahimoon Literature student From Tharparkar
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An ERP analyst by profession, I am deeply interested in global geopolitics specially middle eastern geopolitics.
Defense Analyst. Director Institute for Conflict Research and Resolution
I'm a high school junior who is interested in global politics and diplomacy. I hope to inspire and motivate other people to become changemakers through sharing my knowledge. I'm currently living in South Korea.
Rizwan Raheem is a 19 year old international Relations student.He is currently working with NGO's to achieve what the world is working on. He further got involved in historical and contemporary Poltical discussions and quickly discovered Poltics and international Relations was something he was passionate about.
I am an International Relations Student at the University of St Andrews. I enjoy being active including playing rugby and running. I am particularly interested in security, defence and terrorism.
Yamna khan is an student of Internationa relations. She did her intermediate in natural sciences but after FSC she chose a different field that was really new to her. Yamna khan is keenly intrested in domestic and world politics and want to learn more and more about internal politics. This could indeed be achieved by choosing field like INTERNATIONAL Relations. She is developing her more and more interest in this field with the passage of time. Yamna has big aims and dreams. She aims for promoting peace, love, cooperation and solidarity among countries of the world.
Emmanuel Bernard Muzingwani is a United Nations, Geneva Graduate Study Programme Alumni. He is passionate about development diplomacy. Emmanuel is a former Research Intern at the Hanns Seidel Foundation, a German non-profit organisation with over 60 offices across the world. He holds a Master of Science Degree in International Relations with the University of Zimbabwe, a Bachelor of Science Honors Degree in Political Science with the same university. He had the opportunity to be mentored at the Zimbabwe Institute of Diplomacy hence earning an Executive Certificate in Diplomacy, Protocol, Etiquette , Grooming and Professional Branding as well as a Diploma in Contemporary Diplomacy and International Relations. A believer that the 21st century diplomat should be knowledgeable and innovative to address political, economic , social and environmental, he assumed a Climate Digital Mapper Voluntary position at UNICEF, Zimbabwe(2016). Emmanuel has been privileged to attend various leadership training. These include Young African Leadership Initiative, YALI, South Africa Pretoria, Youth Leadership Training at Friedrich Elbert Foundation, Zimbabwe (A German non-profit organisation) and Youth Leadership Winter School organised by Youth Empowerment Transformation Trust (YETT) and the Africa University Institute of Peace, Leadership and Governance
A recent graduate of Political Economy, who's fascinated by the influence that technology will have on politics and policymaking in the future. I have written on the topic in the past for the World Economic Forum and i am a published author of short stories.
Titulaire d'un baccalauréat scientifique, actuellement étudiant biologiste
i am an international relation scholar, hope to be a diplomat, and the secretary general of the united nations
Student at UNC Chapel Hill
Richard Gray attends Grinnell College, studying for a Bachelor of Arts in History, with the intention of pursuing a Master’s in international Relations. He is a former intern with the US Department of State. In that position, he contacted foreign embassies and collaborated with alumni of the International Visitor Leadership Program on several projects for the program. He worked for the Haiti Endowment Fund from 2017-2018 and was in Haiti during the July 2018 Riots. He is interested in Foreign Policy, Political Literature and Economics, and Rhetoric.
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I'm IR and Diplomacy MA student at Russian-Armenian University.
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Adams Musa-Zekeri is an Environmental Sustainability practitioner with strong interest in climate action advocacy. sustainable urban development. He currently serves as a Regional Focal Point; West & Central Africa, the United Nations Major Group for Children & Youth where he is been instrumental in amplifying voices of youths in national policies, programmes and events. If he isn't researching, he is surfing the internet or exploring a business opportunity.
I am a Ghanaian and I graduated from the University of Ghana with B.A Political Science with French. I wish to have a career in diplomacy. I have always developed interest in global politics and how it affects our lives. I do believe that a lot of changes could still be made not only in Ghana and those countries related to her, but globally
I write usually about social problems, social issues, politics, economic, environment and current affairs. I am freelance journalist, Media analyst, writer, blogger, author, Sociologist, Educationist and social activist. Author can be reached at
I am geologist . Have keen interest on environmental researches.Currently i am working as environmental specialist with Multi National oganization in Pakistan Islamabd.
Jinsar ali is the student of international relations and also social worker, and writer in sindhi news papers. He is also closely connected with the situation of the world.and also attended many confrences about world issues
Studying International Relations at University of Sindh, Jamhsoro
I am a secondary school pupil who is interested in becoming a Diplomat. My interest include the Middle East and the current political and economic situation the world is in.
About the Author Michael G. Merhige played semi-pro high school baseball in the Ban Johnson League for two summers in Kansas. He received a scholarship to the University of Alabama as a baseball letterman. He served in the US Army as an officer attached to the Navy and Marines during the Cuban Missile Crisis in the Caribbean. He was also a CIA officer in the Far East (official cover) and in South America (non-official cover). He retired as a Corporate Development Executive in private industry.
Politics and East Asian Studies Major, Cole Scholar at Oberlin College
I'm an intrapreneur, A patriot and a political analyst.
Political scientist
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Tatiana Ringmann is an interpreter by profession, and an entrepreneur by nature, who now resides in Israel. Prior to joining Young Diplomats' team she worked in a number of international organisations and startups.
Last year, I graduated International Economic Relations and I am currently studying MA International Relations and Security. I have also attended different internships, which have further improved my knowledge of the international relations area.
hello, I study Political Sciences at Sciences Po Bordeaux
Terrorism/International Politics/International Law Expert, Currently studying War Studies.
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Christian Jibo, is a young Nigerian diplomat currently working with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Abuja. Through my job I am exposed and possess the confidences and skills in holding talks with other diplomats, private actors and address issues that pertain my work and government. I have visited different countries around the world to build friendly relationships with other governments and promoting my country interests, whenever the opportunity is given. I enjoy my work, and I want to built more relationship with others, and learn more about the international system through research, participation in online forum, and information sharing for best practices. Since 2016 till date, Mr. Jibo has been a founding member and board of trustee of formerly Frontline Care Initiative (FCI), now known as Pan African Young Diplomats Forum (PAYDf). Mr. Jibo maintain his role on advising the organization on strategic issues pertaining (PAYDf) operation and programmes implementations, most especially in the area of African Union Agenda 2063, how to engage youth and state actors to actualize the said agenda. Mr. Jibo, was an Alumni of the African Youth Volunteer Corps, where he served in the Gambia, as Legal Assistant with the African Commission on Human and People's Right, (ACHPR), Banjul, The Gambia 2015-2016. He has successfully contributed on research relating to international law, and relations, including humanitarian law. Among other duty, Mr, Jibo assisted the Commission in its mandate to promote, protect and report of human rights in Africa, most especially the rights of women, person with disability challenges, and children. His driven passion in this area, makes him an outstanding professional in his field of work, as well as an advocate for youth inclusion in decision making process, and governance in Africa. His vast experiences cut across both the private and public sector. For instance, Mr. Jibo has worked in the health care and humanitarian sector, where he worked as Health Care Assistant, from 2011-2014 with Star Nursing & Care Services, United Kingdom, as well as a “Befriender” with Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre United Kingdom, from 2011-Nov2011. He engaged asylum seekers in various social activities, and observed any concerns raised by asylum seeker in meeting their needs. Mr. Jibo has a successful academic record and qualifications. He is an Msc. holder in Global Development and International Law. Main field of study: Public International Law, Management Studies, Coventry University, United Kingdom (2011). Also in 2007 he obtained his bachelor degree in Political Science at the University of Jos, Nigeria. In the same University in 2004 Jibo has his Diploma in Law. Mr. Jibo is a graduate of University of Jos, with an MSc. Global Development and International Law, Coventry, University UK. Jibo have vast experience working in both private and public sector, as an advocate of human right and good governance in Africa.
Je suis Sociologue de formation et je m'intéresse assez à certains faits de société qui perdurent encore sur le continent . Ma passion pour la communication fait que j'aime enseigner et encadrer tout ceux qui ont soif de savoir. Aujourd'hui je suis bénévol au sein d'une Ong (Fraternité de prison International) . La politique, l'instauration d'une démocratie et la lutte contre l'impunité restent mes sujets de réflexions majeures.
Bachelor of Commerce
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I am an undergraduate final year student of Politics and International Relations in Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad. I hails from Lakki Marwat, KP. I am already writing on varying contemporary topics of politics, economy, society and social issues on different platforms.
I am interested in exploring the geopolitical situation of the world.
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