Young Diplomats in the News

Interview with the US Senator Bob Dold

Interview with the Republican Rising Star Palmer Kain

Interview with the President of Catalonia Carles Puigemont

Interview with the ex-President of Catalunia Arthur Mas

Interview with Mutasim Ali , Head of Sudanese Refugees in Israel Interview with Francois Fillon, France ex-Prime Minister

Interview with Sputnik News (Russian State Media)

Interview with Urgente 24 (Uruguayan Media)

Interview on i24 (France)

Interview on Radio Futee (France)

Foreign Reporters in War Zones : Iraq,Kurdistan, Somalia, North Korea,Israel,Ukraine, Venezuela,Pakistan..

Published in the Times of Israel and The Jerusalem Post

Live on French TV for a Geopolitical Event

Supported by Two ex-Ambassadors David Shinn (United States) and Tom Fletcher (United Kingdom)

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BDS and the Boycott of Israel has been a recent issue these last years. It has been used as a weapon by the Palestinian Authority and has become the main ...

Ten years after the release of “Zeid report” which explored concrete measures to eliminate cases of sexual exploitation in the context of UN peacekeeping operations, nothing has alsmot changed. “UN ...