YOUNG DIPLOMATS is the first non-governmental diplomatic association with a mission of shaping, sharpening and inspiring a new generation of enlightened international leaders. We exist to support policies that represent the interests of young people and professionals around the globe; through direct engagement with global agencies, government officials as well as with international organizations, educational institutions, and businesses; via our global diversified activities.

CEO & Publisher David Levinsky    
Regional Directors Noam Hakoun Mustafa A.  
  Claudia A. Nacer C.  
  Joyce. B Ivana Tucak  
  Jyoti Pradhan  Mirza Jahan  
Director of Social Media Adrien Gonin Maria Asb  
Marketing Consultant Ryan Saad    
Editorial & Research David Abecassis Adrien Gonin  
Photographers Jeremie Sellam    
Contributors Ilaria Maroni Ricci Guy Golan  
  Michel Tabarai David Allouche  
  Oyigee Obunjugwma Mohamed El Jedaoui  
  Anael Souffir Mark Dolinsky  
  Rosario Hernandez Michael Ross  
  Jason Roth Lauren A.  
  Susanna C. Aidan Borkan  
  Luca Arfini Abraham Zaqi Kromah  
  Roman Dryzonov Hauna Trimble