YD consulting

You are a company ? A business-man or woman ? A traveler ? You need YD consulting.

Four years ago, YoungDiplomats was built in order to spread knowledge worldwide thanks to an online platform and a huge student network. Now, we have the ability to use this knowledge to advise companies and entrepreneurs worldwide. Many have trusted us to develop their business projects in foreign countries.

Why geopolitical and economical consulting are paramount ?

The world changes. From trade war to interest rate cuts, consulters look at the world and understand what are the consequences of these shifts on your business.

Our consulters hold the world in their hands. They understand it and their advises shape it.

Why choose YD consulting ?

We can help and advise any type of enterprises, from small businesses to the biggest firms.  We adapt our services with your business, needs and financial capabilities. Our advisers are serious, experienced and well-aware of the economic and geopolitical environment of hundreds of countries.

YD consulting is the extension of YoungDiplomats based on a global network of analysts, writers, backpackers and business men. This network allows us to have a look on almost every country in the world, from the inside.

What can we offer you ?

The offer of YD consulting is wide and efficient.

  • You can ask for a YD adviser. This adviser may live in your country or not but once you’ve asked for one of our advisers, he’s 24/7 available. Working with one advisers will allow you to access to our network.
  • YD consulting can also provide you with intelligence reports, economic analysis, political briefing and spatial and ethnic analysis.

For further information on prices and availability, you only need to contact our chief advisor, David Allouche 


+972 52-306-7348