We are the first non-governmental diplomatic association with a mission of shaping, sharpening and inspiring a new generation of enlightened international leaders. We exist to support policies that represent the interests of young people and professionals around the globe; through direct engagement with global agencies, government officials as well as with international organizations, educational institutions, and businesses; via our global diversified activities.


YOUNG DIPLOMATS exists to provide a direct channel of communication amongst international students of global affairs, government officials and diplomatic stakeholders. It aims to continuously accommodate great ideas and to build bridges for understanding and cooperation between nations. It also aims to work towards improving standards of life and diplomatic work within its environment by organizing conferences, conducting research and publishing scientific works in the form of  analysis and reports on different levels.

YOUNG DIPLOMATS provides unique and objective research on diplomacy and foreign policy. The editorial team of YOUNG DIPLOMATS’ magazine respects different ideas and opinions. We insist on tolerance and will reject any form of discrimination among nations. We care to provide an exemplary model for respect of different faith, nationalities, gender, and race.


The objectives of our projects fall into the following categories:

  1. Widening engagement in global affair issues and encouraging the publication of research outputs and analysis on different aspects of global affairs and in areas related to diplomacy
  2. Facilitating high level meetings of local, regional and international experts to exchange knowledge, debate ideas, and exchange of insights and facilitate high level networking
  3. Creating partnership opportunities for students and stakeholders in different fields: Cultural Trade and Educational activities.
  4. Enhancing an in-depth understanding of the different scenarios of global affair issues in order to understand, increase and appreciate diplomatic routes in conflict resolution

Our agenda and activities are designed as follows:

International Diplomats Forum (IDF)

Every year International Diplomats Forum invites young diplomats from all over the world – Africa, USA, the Middle East, South and South-East Asia and Latin America who are on posting at their respective diplomatic missions to get to know and understand current global burning issues from a variety of perspectives.

The International Diplomats project is a platform for dialogue and constructive engagement. Held in English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Russian and some other languages. The forum focuses on burning issues relating specifically to the modern world that we live in today.

Africa & the Middle East

YOUNG DIPLOMATS aims to improve and build on their special relationship with Africa. In recognition of Africa’s growing political and economic significance, the project aims to utilize the potential for cooperation in a spirit of partnership.

The project is targeted towards young diplomats from sub-Saharan countries and North Africa as well. It is designed to transcend political boundaries and strengthen their awareness of opportunities in a regional and multilateral context.

Through our project in Africa and Middle East, including the training by international diplomats, we hope to contribute to the dialogue with the countries within these regions. We deem such contribution to be of great importance for YOUNG DIPLOMATS and the world.

The aim of the project is to convey to participants a deeper understanding of geopolitical life, poverty, the sectarian and security challenges that they face today; in a frank and open dialogue. The theme includes terrorism, gender equality and differences, where positions explained, and shared standpoints developed. YOUNG DIPLOMATS is therefore actively supporting democratization processes in these regions.


In the Asia region, YOUNG DIPLOMATS acknowledges the presence of bright minds and the lack of presence of adequate media to accommodate those bright minds. We therefore hope to be the vessel for these bright minds to express themselves and be heard in the international world. We also aim to connect the Asia region with the rest of the world by conducting international projects.

Europe and Americas

YOUNG DIPLOMATS aim to improve and build on their special relationship with the EU and the US. YOUNG DIPLOMATS is particularly concerned by educating the students of these nations to the challenges that our world will face tomorrow, and the necessity to understand countries that are not located necessarily in the West.


The Academy of Young Diplomats (YDA) is a future institute for emerging young global leaders, preparing civil servants, future diplomats and social entrepreneurs for international careers in a spirit of global responsibility for the surrounding world. The university will offer a unique networking platform for young international leaders with similar interests, plans for the common future and objectives.

*This is a project that stills under studies.




The International Diplomat is a platform created for publishing analysis, commentary, insights, and reports on international diplomatic personality and foreign policy. Following in line with the values and mission of the International Diplomats Forum, the international diplomat will always aim to encourage shared knowledge and open and informed debate on burning topics on global affairs. We will do our best to provide a varied range of perspectives and opinions that face some of the major challenges facing the international community.

This iDiplomat will provide observers and readers with current news, opinions and research from media, government, think tanks, our past speakers, our members and Young Diplomats alumni.


Young Diplomats researches and publishes commentaries on public and global affairs through the Young Diplomats Magazine, and partners…



Why join us?

Perhaps you haven’t heard much of our unique methodology: Since 2014 we have continuously been developing and perfecting our team and teaching methods. In our unique programs, we emphasize the development of practical skills, which are useful in the future international careers of our participants. Based on this approach, the program is a mixture of theory and practice. Our young teams gain knowledge and experience that is not offered by other educational and diplomatic institutions.

All of our top members have extensive experience in working with multinational groups. Their professional background spans from journalism, diplomacy to international business. In addition, some of our partners and sponsors are senior diplomats, businessman and community leaders who share with the students their professional experience in pursuing a successful international career.

We invite you to learn more about YOUNG DIPLOMATS, via our special magazine, where passion for our mission, commitment to international dialogue and a personal approach to all our students and partners are the trademarks of our activities.

Idriss , Raman, Albert, Mihai & David