Debugging and Debunking Neo-Liberalism

The definition of Neo-Liberalism heavily depends on who you ask, for large sections of population, and politicians, Neo-Liberalism is the cause of all evil in the world. For Arabs, Neo-Liberalism ...

Taxation and Geopolitics

Tax evasion, is one the most important problem in the international scene. In a globalised world as ours, borders are getting more blurred than ever and the advantages for big ...

Canadian fossil fuel development: what role do Indigenous voices play?

In the past few months, the Coastal GasLink natural gas pipeline – the largest private sector investment in Canadian history– has been met with resistance from Indigenous groups across the ...

Decarbonizing Asia for a Cleaner future

“Moving towards the Sustainable Development Scenario for Asia would require effective concerted climate action across involving all parts of the energy sector’s stakeholders” – Tsewang Nuru Sherpa A despondent picture of power ...

Diplomatic  Life

There are a lot of nations which went from being Poor to Rich and even nations that went from Rich to Poor. But there is a nation which went from ...

As the United Kingdom joined Italy, Spain, Germany and Belgium in entering lockdown overnight, the government has afforded us ample time to pause and reflect on what this crisis can ...

Security Conflicts

NATO turned seventy last year having been a stalwart of Western stability and peace since 1949. Its membership has grown from twelve to twenty-eight even affording former USSR countries the ...

Our Team

David Allouche
David is the President and founder of YoungDiplomats. He created YoungDiplomats five years ago. He is the head of the organization and has the final word when it comes to decision taking.
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Noam Hakoune
Vice President
Noam is the Director of YoungDiplomats France but also a prominent member of the association. He handles the website and manages different projects worldwide.
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Idriss Zackaria
Director of YD Africa
Idriss is the Director of YoungDiplomats Africa. He greatly contributed to the evolution of YoungDiplomats and contributed to the success of the association.
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Claudia Renee
Director of YD Australia
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Julia Pighetti
Director of YD Belgium
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Mustafa Aydogan
Director of YD Turkey
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Joyce Peronne-Gourdin
Director of YD Spain
After her degree in Sciences Po Paris, Joyce lived one year in India where she specialized in Asian geopolitics. In 2016 she taught geography in La Sorbonne, while giving conferences about Human rights in the Red Cross. She is now a new teacher in the ESADE (university of law and geopolitics) in Barcelona.
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Mirza Jahanzeb Beg
Director of YD Asia
Mirza Jahanzeb Beg is a Renowned Human Rights Defender, Psychologist, Political Analyst and a Journalist. He has Studied International Law and United Nations Mechanism and worked with various International Organizations and spoken extensively on the Geopolitical issues of South Asia on various International Platforms.
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Nacer Nafea
Director of YD Morocco
Nacer Nafea, an 18 years old moroccan citizen. He studies biology in the faculty of Sciences rabat. He is currently working with NGO'S to achieve what the world is working on, such as: SDG's. He had the opportunity to get accepted in many programs that offers workshops in soft and leadership skills.
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Rajan Chohan-Jones
Director of YD UK
Rajan Chohan-Jones grew up in Bangkok under the controversial rule of Thaksin Shinawatra. Seeing public protests in a divisive political environment was one of his main inspirations for studying politics. Moving back to England Rajan’s family further involved him in historical and contemporary political discussions and quickly discovered politics and international relations was something he was passionate about.
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Jyoti Ranjan Pradhan
Director initiatives and outreach
Jyoti has an MA in Political Science. He is interested in Chinese History, modern Middle East, and role of technology in warfare. He wants to learn Persian and Arabic. He is constantly moving places and would love to live in Jordan.
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Rozario Hernandez
Public Relations
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Li Ruikang
China Representative
Li Ruikang, MA Graduate in Middle Eastern Studies from Tel Aviv University, Have a deep understanding of international politics, Sensitive to political events, especially those of Middle Eastern States.
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