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Hi, I am Giorgio Tiberio.
I am an 18 year old Italian student who currently lives in Barcelona, Spain.
From an academic point of view, I graduated with a US High School Diploma from TASIS The American School in England. At the moment, I'm doing a double degree in Law and Global Governance at ESADE in Barcelona.
In recent years I have become passionate about International Relations, a field of study which I found to be not only connected to politics, but also to history, which was my favorite school subject as a child.
Moreover, while in High School, I took summer introductory courses to IR and political science for high school students in both the University of Cambridge and Harvard University. These experiences allowed me to understand that I really liked the subject, which is why I later decided to pursue such career at university.
Travelling a lot as a child and then living between two countries, I have been lucky enough to learn quite a few languages too: I speak fluently Italian, English and Spanish, while I'm also learning Arabic and Catalan.
From a personal point of view, I am fond of sports, as I practice both surf and sailing. The latter, in particular, has taught me how to stay calm and keep working under pressure, a skill which I find extremely useful both at university and in hard times in life.

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26 May 2019