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Hope to study political science, international relations, economics, and history. Also have interests in general science and urban planning. Advocate for education reform.

United States
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Created new post - A post Lukashenko-Belarus
Protests have engulfed Belarus since the dispute election. There have been calls for Alexand...Read More
12 Feb 2021
Created new post - An analysis of Post-Brexit British Politics
Britain has left the European Union. The process of leaving the leaving the European Union defined t...Read More
28 Jan 2021
Created new post - The impact of the Israel-UAE peace agreement
On August 13, 2020, Israel and the United Arab Emirates agreed to Read More
27 Dec 2020
Created new post - Bernie Sanders and Infantile Leftism
Bernie Sanders lost the Democrat Primary to Joe Biden. What is more interesting is where he ...Read More
22 Jul 2020
Created new post - The War in Cameroon and the Identity Politics of Language
Origins of the Current Crisis : Cameroon is currently in  a state of internal conflict and ...Read More
19 Jul 2020
Created new post - Israel is ripe for a political revolution
In case you haven't been following up on the past year of political turmoil in Israel, here is a bri...Read More
24 Jun 2020

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14 Feb 2020
Created new post - The Global War on Austerity has begun
Recent protests around the world have captivated media attention. But they all have one thing in com...Read More
30 Jan 2020
Created new post - 2019: The Year The Youth Ruled The World
2019 was a year of demonstrations and protests. But what was even more noticeable is that many of th...Read More
07 Jan 2020
Created new post - What does recogniton of the Armenian Genocide by the United States means ?
On October 29, 2019, the United States House of Representatives voted 405 - 11 to recognize the Arme...Read More
09 Nov 2019
Created new post - Abu Bakr Al Bagdadi is dead. Now what do we do?
On October 27, 2019, United States President Donald Trump addressed the nation announcing that ISIS ...Read More
02 Nov 2019
Created new post - The left's foreign policy gap
The rise of progressive politics in the United States, like the rise of every populist movement to h...Read More
23 Oct 2019
Created new post - Why America failed in Afghanistan
It is no secret that the American war in Afghanistan has been a complete failure. After 18 years the...Read More
22 Oct 2019
Created new post - Is it time to revive SDI?
On March 23, 1983, the then United States President Ronald Reagan addressed the nation on Defense an...Read More
21 Oct 2019
Created new post - A pragmatic, geopolitical based approach to Arab - Israeli peace.
The recent calls by Israel to annex the Jordan Valley pose a danger to the Middle East peace process...Read More
05 Oct 2019
Created new post - Remembering Columbus: New Mexico
Historical events often create a lasting legacy in the subconscious of the general society that was ...Read More
12 Sep 2019
Created new post - What are the geopolitics of the United States?
The United States needs a new strategy. No one seems to be aware as to what its foreign policy objec...Read More
02 Sep 2019
Created new post - America needs an alliance with India
America needs a new strategy. The old way is collapsing as new superpowers emerge into the world. In...Read More
08 Aug 2019
Created new post - The myth of the Browning of America: A History of American Demographics.
America is changing. Europe is no longer the primary origin of immigrants to the United States. Amer...Read More
05 Aug 2019
Created new post - A wall is coming, but it is not the wall that Trump thinks
"Build a wall! Build a wall!" This chant is echoed throughout the room at every single MAGA rally ac...Read More
22 Jul 2019
Created new post - Autism, the last major civil rights battle
As civil rights groups continue to battle for the rights of people all across the world, there is on...Read More
20 Jul 2019
Created new post - Armenia didn't win the Nagorno-Karabakh War, Azerbaijan lost it.
The Nagorno-Karabakh War is remembered for its surprise victory of the underdog, Armenia, over the p...Read More
02 Jul 2019
Created new post - The Academic Manifesto
Academia is considered one of the most prestigious institutions on the planet, and is considered to ...Read More
14 Jun 2019
Created new post - An economic plan for the United States
The United States is in need of economic recovery. Many parts of the country has been in decline sin...Read More
09 Jun 2019
Created new post - Compare and Contrast: American Revolutions VS Revolutions of 1848
Two Revolutions occurred that fundamentally altered the course of the history of the West. The Ameri...Read More
01 Jun 2019
Created new post - America is out, and India is in?
Launched by America, the war in Afghanistan is at a turning point. People born after September 11, 2...Read More
12 Mar 2019
Created new post - The new Progressive Coalition: Teaching a new dog old tricks
In January 2019, the whole world watched as a new United States Congress was sworn in. One thing tha...Read More
07 Mar 2019
Created new post - Conspiracy theorists picked a weird icon in Kennedy
John  Fitzgerald Kennedy is seen to many Americans as an icon. To many conspiracy theorists he is s...Read More
28 Jan 2019
Created new post - Zimbabwe's identity crisis
Zimbabwe is on the brink of turmoil. Election fraud, fuel riots, and hyperinflation still being a pr...Read More
27 Jan 2019
Created new post - Jimmy Carter is No Angel
Jimmy Carter is often portrayed by modern American Progressives as a man who championed peace and hu...Read More
24 Jan 2019
Created new post - 2018: A Year of Peace
It may not seem like it with the news from Syria, Libya, Ukraine, Yemen, Cameroon, and the Democrati...Read More
02 Jan 2019

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