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I am an ardent student with a kaleidoscopic vision and an open personality. I study English Literature, Civilisation, History and Translation at the Ecole Normale Supérieure (French system for the Elites in Humanities in Tunisia destined to shape University Teachers that are automatically recruited). I have ranked first on my university this year. I am also enrolled in an MA in Interdisciplinarity as an approach to Anglophone Literature, Social sciences and the visual arts with a minor in Translation.
I have been nationally selected in 2020 as an "Ambassador for a Day" winner by her Excellency the British Ambassador and was introduced to Diplomacy from a visionary premise and eventually presented my project about "Environmental Education" as a new subject to be added to the Tunisian curriculum. I hitherto shadowed her Excellency Dr Balqis Osman el-Asha (a lead writer on the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report that garnered the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change a Nobel Peace Prize, and she was named a 2008 United Nations Environment Programme Champion of the Earth) and was awarded an honorary medal for Women's Day celebrations in the British Ambassador's residency.
I have volunteered in Tunisia ( Red crescent during Covid, Art festivals promoting peace and as an art mediator) and have been selected among just two other fellow Tunisians to partake in the prestigious Study in the U.S Institute Program, The SUSI exchange program for Female Leadership in Saint Mary's College, South Bend, United States. The latter was a life changing experience as I intensively studied, inter alias, the major pillars concerning leadership, diplomacy, community building, peacemaking, sponsorship, donation, religious tolerance, Identity politics, Critical race theories, Feminism, Ethical criticism and Environmentalism. During this summer, I have volunteered in many areas for the homeless in Indiana and went to religious sights and engaged in heated debates.
I can proudly say that I was the mouthpiece of Tunisia in the United States and a cultural representative ( garnered two certificates of achievement from The Women Global Leadership Consortium and The U.S Department of State), and now I am back in Tunisia working on a microgrant along with The U.S Department of State to implement an initiative in my country that seeks to enhance the lives of Single Mothers in my country. I am also working on collecting donations to help these women have better living conditions.
I speak English, Arabic and French fluently and my hobbies are chess and calligraphy. I am also interested in philosophy and geopolitics and dreams of being surrounded by people who share the same interests as I do. I am a staunch believer in the universality of human rights and the unwavering position of peace building and diplomacy to abate indecisive dilemmas.

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28 Aug 2022