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I want to use my platform and voice as a young Australian to catalyse positive change across the globe by spreading articles on topics that revolve around international affairs. I'm an aspiring Diplomat and I want to further deepen my understanding of global affairs by writing for the Young Diplomats.
I have a passion for increasing the level of wellbeing in various countries. I am determined to do anything within my power to speak up and advocate for improving health and wellbeing across the world. Last year I placed first across Australia for the national 'My First Speech' Competition, in which I talked about measuring a country's success in terms of wellbeing rather than GDP. On this trip I fell in love with the idea of government advocacy and using policies to protect the rights of people and dictate the outcome of Australia’s wellbeing. I used this opportunity further develop my connections with policy makers in the hope to one day stimulate action on the topic improving wellbeing amongst Australians.

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Created new post - Measuring A Country’s Success in Terms of Wellbeing Rather Than GDP
Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is seen as the most important measurement of a country’s overall succ...Read More
18 Dec 2020

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