Huntington’s thinking 20 years later

18/12/2017 Noam Hakoune 0

Huntington’s mind 20 years later « This is not a clash of civilizations because these murderers don’t embody any” claimed François Hollande in front of the French Congress a few days after the terrorist’s attacks in […]

Diplomats and Audacity 

15/12/2017 Noam Hakoune 2

In 1901, Rudyard Kipling published a novel in which he clarifies the « Great Game ». This expression deals with the rivalry between European powers for the leadership of Asia.  The « Great Game » should invoke rules and […]

Young Leaders of the Month:

26/11/2017 David Allouche 2

Young Diplomats has the immense pleasure to introduce a new project called the Young Diplomats Leader(s) of the Month. The people featured in this project, showing a great potential and desire to make a positive […]

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