The Israeli-NATO Connexion

Opening of an Israeli Office at NATO expected to contribute to legitimacy in the International Community

Even with a strong, mutual alliance shared with the United States, reluctant support from strong European countries such as Italy and strong ties in the east, Israel is still locked in an eternal struggle to achieve legitimacy within the International Community regarding the Middle Eastern conflict. With the UN (particularly UNTSO) fanning condemnations and the EU fanning labels, a most recent development in relations with NATO may just be what the Land of Milk and Honey needs.

So how did it all come to be?

The key to analyzing the cause of this sudden change is the recent normalization in Israel-Turkey relations. After several years of Diplomatic tensions deriving from the Mavi Marmara incident back in May 2010, a reconciliation agreement was announced on June 2016 to end the six-year rift between both sides.

Even though it constantly condemned the countermeasures taken by the State of Israel against the ongoing wave of terror, which is led by Hamas and the inciting Media, Turkey could not deny the fact that warm relations with Israel are an asset in today’s modern times. Turkey itself has suffered many terrorist attacks by both ISIL and PKK members operating within its borders – in Diyarbakir and terror cells scattered throughout the country. It is said with utmost certainty that the Republic of Turkey sees the State of Israel as a valuable ally for exchange of knowledge and information regarding Counter-Terrorism, like many other states.

The Reconciliation agreement signaled a Normalization in the diplomatic communication channels between the two countries.

Turkey has much to gain from such an agreement – among others is a crucial source of knowledge in the fields of Homefront Command, Counter-Terrorism and Cyber Security. The allocation of funds and permission to plant infrastructure within the Gaza strip are an essential part of the deal as well.

More importantly, however is the reward that the Turks granted to Israel in return.

Turkey is, by all means, a significant member of NATO. Turkish Military Forces amount to 426 soldiers, the second largest amount after the United States (1,311 Soldiers). It has also been a significant blockade for the State of Israel in the NATO forums, objecting any integration between it and the organization.

After the reconciliation agreement both sides were quick to nominate new Ambassadors and envoys both to Tel-Aviv and To Ankara as an open sign to the end of hostilities and a symbol for cooperation. More importantly – Turkey was quick to recede its opposition to an Israeli Delegation within the Organization, and not just in the MD Forums where it’s vastly outmatched by allies of the Axis of Evil.

It was only a matter of time until a declaration was made – the State of Israel is expected open permanent office within NATO Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium – ushering an expected age of prosperity in cooperation with the Western World.

Israel and Turkey's strongmen.
Israel and Turkey’s strongmen.

Well – What Now?

It genuinely seems that all sides benefit from the integration of Israel into NATO and the Normalization in Israel-Turkey relations:

  1. NATO is desperate for power in the extremely complicated Middle East, where the influence of the Russian Federation is embedded to key states such as Syria and Iran. It is not surprising, as the United States also looks up to Israel for Western Influence in the chaotic, flammable region. Stabilizing the Middle East is perhaps the most sought-after achievement in the Western world. NATO Officials also seek to implement the warming relations with Israel in the fields of Military Cooperation. The Israeli Navy is already included as a part of NATO’s “Sea Guardian” operation in the Mediterranean Sea. NATO wishes to expand upon the partnership with the State of Israel with all regards to Joint Exercises, Knowledge Exchange, Air Forces and Ground Forces. High Ranking Military Officers are already expected to visit the IDF by the end of the month, while IDF representatives are already taking part in NATO courses and Conventions under the subsidies of the Israeli Government.
  2. Israel is finally getting a better chance at integrating itself with the Western World. Extensive Military Cooperation with the forces of NATO are bound to reflect the IDF as the humanitarian Military that it actually is. In the past years, the State of Israel has been sustaining fire from the European countries – Operation Defensive Edge, Pillar of Cloud and Cast Lead have all been met with hostile Media documentation in the Western World. Only to add insult to injury – the BDS movement is already rooted to some of the crucial members of the European Union, going as far as to get subsidies from Diplomatic Parties, Governments and many donations to fuel its hatred. With the upcoming improvement in Cooperation with a Western Organization such as NATO, the State of Israel expects to be able to integrate back into the European Society. Such a process is crucial both for its Diplomatic ties and Military Legitimacy, as strong ties only promote and contribute to the efforts of the IDF to protect the security of the State.



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