Is India spiraling to Hindutva?

Hindutva an Ideology of fanatical Hindu religious organization Rashtria Swayamsevk Sangh (RSS) preaches one religion, one culture, one nation and one country. The RSS established in 1923 AD, has been struggling for transformation of the diverse Indian society into Hindutva. What is the Hindutva movement? The Hindutva movement came into its peak in 1980, when the […]

Hindutva an Ideology of fanatical Hindu religious organization Rashtria Swayamsevk Sangh (RSS) preaches one religion, one culture, one nation and one country. The RSS established in 1923 AD, has been struggling for transformation of the diverse Indian society into Hindutva.

What is the Hindutva movement?

Hindutvta followers

The Hindutva movement came into its peak in 1980, when the RSS launched its Political party Bhartya Janta Party (BJP). Mass Ghar Wapsi,( return to home) i.e. coming back to the  Hinduism, Hinduvising the culture of Indian society, twisting  the history, renaming the cities names build up on the names of  Muslims and Brittan and demolishing the religious places  are few tactics of the  RSS and BJP for achieving their goal.

According to the constitution of India, the country is declared a secular state. The founding fathers of India were well aware and had foresighted vision that Indian society is abode of varied culture, religion and nations. That’s why they had separated religion from state. A number of articles of the constitution clearly say that India is secular state. After forty second amendment to Indian constitution in 1976 its preambles maintain that the country is secular, no religion is state religion. Unfortunately, the ground realities are totally different. In April 2017 the Pew research center has ranked India as fourth worst country for religion intolerance and fanaticism, after Syria, Nigeria and Iraq. Atrocities against minorities and Dillate a lower class of Hindu religion are the business of day in India. India a country of 1.3 billion people has eighty percent Hindus, fourteen percent Muslims, two percent Christian, two percent Sikhs and reaming two percent are the followers of other religions. Hence twenty percent minority and sixteen percent Dalit cast of Hindus are under cruelty of the RSS and BJP.

 The woes of the Muslims

RSS members
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The RSS and its allies have committed heinous crimes against the Muslim community in India. Mob violence, use of force to prevent religious practices, attacks on innocent Muslims for cow slaughter, and lynching for beef eating are common in India. Besides individual and fundamentals groups’s violence against the Muslims, there are some preplanned carnages of the Muslim community in India. On December 06, 1992, the Babri Mosque in the city of Ayodhya, Utter Perdesh State was demolished by the Hindu militants and the RSS. In the same incident more than 1500 Muslims were killed and 1829 people were injured. Properties of the Muslims were looted and plundered. The Muslim community was dragged in state of trauma and distress. To date a number of the grieved Muslims have been running from pillar to post for the justices. While the blood of the innocent Muslims still had not dried other heart-stopping massacre took place in Gujarat state. The Law enforcement agencies were ordered from higher authorities not to respond, at that time the Prime Minister Narendra Modi was chief minister of the state of Gujarat.  In the massacre more than one thousand Muslims were murdered and a number of Muslims were injured. The Gujarat carnage took place because of burning of Sabarmati train in Godhra. It was alleged that the Muslims had ignited the train. Later, it was declared that the RSS and the Militant Hindus were responsible for the torching of the train. In the train burning 57 Hindus were burnt alive.

Unfortunately, in the massacre the state authorities were involved. Hiren Pandey a Minister in the cabinet of Modi in Gujarat state has confessed in his sworn  statement that the massacre were preplanned, the  police were asked not to interfere. To prove this claim, an Intelligent Bureau (IB) officer said in his sworn statement in the Supreme Court of India that the riots were, no doubt, preplanned. Deplorably, the atrocities of the RSS do not end here. The other communities of the country similarly face the same cruelties of the fascist RSS.

The sufferings of the Sikh community 

Sikh community is two percent of the Indian population which is roughly twenty million population of the country. The Sikh community faces the hate crimes and violence as the Muslims do. Strangely, in the violence and bloodshed of

Sikhs, besides the RSS, a so-called secular party of India, the Congress party of India is also involved. According to official recode of Indian authorities more than 2800 Sikhs are killed to date. But according to independent sources 80000 Sikhs are murdered because of hate crimes. Hindu militants deem Sikhism is a sect of religion. Fortunately, due this mentality intensity of the suffering of the Sikhs community is at low level. However, those Sikh people support the Khalistan movement, the moment for separate county for Sikh people in the Punjab state of India, are ruthlessly crushed.

The wretchedness of the Christian people

The Christian another significant minority of India is also not safe from the cruelties of the RSS and other fundamentalist Hindus. The Christian are regularly assaulted by the RSS. The priest and other workers of the churches are attacked; sexuality assaulted, and forced to change their faith on the gun point. According to the Foreign policy Magazine a 71 years old Christian nun has been raped in the regime of the Narendra Modi. The churches are demolished, the priests are compelled to renounce their belief and embrace the Hinduism. Those people who refuse to this madness and cruelty of the radical Hindus have to bear the burnt of the barbarism. The Christian of India suffers more atrocities in the contemporary India than ever before in the history.  In 2007-8 Hindu militants have burned the churches, and Christian houses, in the riot more than 91 Christian were murdered and 1800 injured. In the same incident more than 60000 Christians were left homeless. Similarly, in 2013, one hundred Churches were attacked and four hundred Christians had suffered the mayhem of the Hindu militant fundamentalist.

Is India really Secular and Democratic?

Is India truly Secular and Democratic?
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In the above discussed sorry state of affairs, is it appropriate to say India is a secular and democratic country? In my opinion, saying India is secular and democratic state is injustice and spreading salt on the wounds of the grieved minorities of India. Since PM Modi took office, there has been alarming rise of intolerance, violence and hate crimes. In the medieval India, religious tolerance, coexistence and respect for other faiths was hallmark of Indian civilization and culture. The seed of this religious intolerance and hate crimes had sowed in time of colonization of India by the Great Britain, and it is full grown in the regime of   PM Modi. Regrettably, as a prime minister of the county, he should have openly condemned these incidents of violence and bloodshed. But he has not spoken a word against the brutalities and human rights violations. In fact Narendra Modi’s silence is a tacit support to his party’s militant wings the RSS. The fascist RSS and BJP want to achieve their despicable agenda of Hinduizings or Hindutuva by means of violence and force. This is not only venomous for the minorities but also dangerous for the secular and democratic state of India, a home of a number of ethnic communities.

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