The recent strategic Moves of Turkey

27/05/2017 Raman Butta 1

Turkey, as a modern Islamic nation, has more reasons and commonalities to patch up with its recent and historical adversaries, than to retain the lash of Erdogan’s stubborn whims. Both Turkey and Russia are fighting […]


21/04/2017 Vineet Rai 5

For more than half a century after fighting 4 wars eventually facing defeat in all of them along with losing its eastern territory with an area larger than South Korea and  having the honor of […]

Part 1: 2017 in the East

05/04/2017 Corentin Curtenelle 0

Nowadays, international relations and diplomacy seem to be focusing on Donald Trump. The President of the United States, well known for his dangerous rhetoric, shook the entire planet. The world seems to be obsessed by […]

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