Young Leaders of the Month:

Young Diplomats has the immense pleasure to introduce a new project called the Young Diplomats Leader(s) of the Month. The people featured in this project, showing a great potential and desire to make a positive impact, are significantly contributing to the development of Young Diplomats worldwide.

Leaders of November:

Raman Butta is a geopolitical and economic analyst who is always committed to achieving excellence in everything he does. He has proved to be the pillar of Young Diplomats in South Asia, always coming up with innovative ideas for development.

Idriss Zackaria is an international reporter, editor, and specialist in international media and strategic communications. He is currently based in Chad and writes mainly for international media on Middle Easter, African politics, human rights, political risk and media ethics. Idriss is wholeheartedly working to make a positive change all across Africa.

Albert Sutanto is relentlessly overcoming any challenge in the process of building a strong Young Diplomats network in South East Asia.  Albert believes in the importance of fresh perspective and unbiased information. He strives to accommodate bright minds in Southeast Asia by offering Young Diplomats as the platform for young minds.

Raman Butta, Regional Director for YD India
Idriss Zackaria, Regional Director for YD Africa
Albert Sutanto, Regional Director for YD South East Asia.


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