A State On The Verge Of Failure

The Roots of the Past In recent years, the world set sight on a state that is in a tremendous failure even though it had not been ever imagined as it had amused by everlasting wealth. The situation gets overwhelming as the country floods with lack of superior administration and sworn order. A state without […]

The Roots of the Past

In recent years, the world set sight on a state that is in a tremendous failure even though it had not been ever imagined as it had amused by everlasting wealth. The situation gets overwhelming as the country floods with lack of superior administration and sworn order. A state without a well settled structure would be expected to be on shaky ground. South American countries had been struggled with autocratic regimes throughout the history. Communities could not acquire an environment to stand and demonstrate constructive considerations upon fundamental principles that a society has to possess. As such this conditions, this could not be supposed for a community to get together and build up participative occasion to stretch through future. Alike the past of the continent, still there is a community out there that tremendously destitute to see a sign of a better future.


Over the past decade, Venezuela’s political system has been in a consistent situation as carismatic leader Hugo Chavez who is passed away in May 2013 headed out the country for almost fourteen years with a hegemonic appearance. His charismatic figure emerged up in the eyes of Venezuelan society with an enormous impact. During his time, mass of citizens did not hesitate to regard him as the “Successor of Simon Bolivar” who is the father of Venezuela. Several clashes have taken place against the Spanish colonial advocaters. After numerous struggles finally Venezuelan people obtained their independence. His eagerness to build up an indpendence society from external powers have continued to inspire Venezuelan society even after the Cold War. South America is a continent where ideological movements held sway over the political structure and create influence over people. Hugo Chavez was an anti-imperial leader. During his administration Venezuela have carried out “Anti-American” policies. He articulated his considerations about US as vawe of invaders on behalf of the Venezuelan people. One of his sharp implementation could be depicted as his decision to expel American oil companies as they had businesses in the country. He marked up the facilities of these companies as “Exploitation” of the resources of Venezuelan generations. Venezuela’s economy is utterly dependent on the price of oil. If the price is high, there is wealth. If not, there is deprivation leading to failure.



Venezuela At The Moment

After charismatic leader Hugo Chavez passed away Nicolas Maduro became the head of Venezuela. Their relations date back to syndicate time as both chased a bright political career. Within a few time, Maduro succeded to have positive impression on Chavez and became the second dominant man in the politics. He functioned as Foreign Minister of Venezuela between 2006-2013. In the first presidency election after Chavez passed away, Maduro got voted a bit much to half of total votes and became the new leader of Venezuela. According to opposition side, he manipulated the result of election. Therefore his presidency is not legal. This has not been only contradictive action that he made.  Maduro knew that if he is willing to strenghten his supreme control throughout the country, the dissedents should be vilificated harshly. Regarding to this, his administration did not hesitate over occuring caotic situation. His allies in the Supreme Court tried to dissolve the country’s opposition-controlled legislative branch. That prompted a swift backlash, with thousands of Venezuelans participating in regular, sustained protest efforts.[1] Following news, Venezuelan community began to polarise around Maduro and opponents. Many casulties has been broke out and the situation continued to be more catastrophic in each day. According to experts, people in Venezuela loses weight and starving. Many countriers suggested to deliver aids. Maduro have rejected all of those offers by asserting that they conspire to have him ”overthrown”.


Besides, how Maduro is able to implement his policies without any sign of resistance? The answer could be find in Hugo Chavez’s era. It was not Maduro who secured “enactment” but Chavez. Thanks to enactment authorisation, Maduro is capable of seizing his power. He is holding sway over jurisdiction branch as he holds right to appoint members as he wishes by publishing a decree. In 2015, 2/3 of the Assembly attempted to dismiss him. Afterward, he abolished the parliament of Venezuela. Also, he appointed many crucial people standing by him to the Court of  Cassation. The juridical failure seems nearest than ever.





Vagueness on Venezuela’s Future

            Even though Maduro is the superior person in Venezuela, there are such and increasing opposition against him which is being led by Juan Guaido. Mass of people stand for him and see him as the “saviour” of Venezula. Unlike supporters, Maduro says Guaido is “ puppet ” of USA and wants to hand in resources of Venezuela to external powers. However, Guaido demonstrates no hesitation to grasp the seat of presidency. “The anti-government demonstration, organized by opposition leader Juan Guaido, takes place on Youth Day in Venezuela. The day commemorates young people who fought and died in the Battle of La Victoria in 1814 during Venezuela’s war for independence. It is widely recognized as a day to recognize the role that the youth play in shaping the country’s economic and social future.”[2]


Numerous states such as Germany, France, Japan recognized Juan Guaido as the “Head of State.” Also, United Nations made a statement including recognization of Juan Guaido as the head until a new election about presidency held. Maduro, several times made announcements about he is willing to hold it. In contrast, opposition side puts forward this is an action just to soften movements against him. There will be no election and there will be a political failure.


Hereby, uncertanity about the future of Venezuela still stands sworn. It would be hard to make positive interpretations about the future of Venezuelan community. This should be guaranteed that only Venezuelan people can decide on their own future. Nevertheless, the only point matters upon this case is that when there is starvation, ideologies die. International community should be aware of that risk of major failure. Even Mr. Maduro has to be.


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