Top 5 of African Countries with the Highest Military Strength in 2015

Egypt : Active Personnel : 438,000  Egypt is a country in the north of Africa with a staggering population of 94 million people and has face major political crises in the recent past but this has not changed its position as a leading African country when it comes to military strength A significant percentage of […]

  1. Egypt : Active Personnel : 438,000 Egypt-Flag-HD-Images

Egypt is a country in the north of Africa with a staggering population of 94 million people and has face major political crises in the recent past but this has not changed its position as a leading African country when it comes to military strength A significant percentage of Egypt’s population (over 35 millions) are fit for active military service and more than 1.5 million individuals reach the military age every year. With almost 5,000 tanks including armoured fighting vehicles , self propelled guns and towed artillery , Egypt is a force to reckon with when it comes to Africa.

Having a total of 1,100 aircraft including 245 helicopters , 343 fighters , 390 trainer aircraft and 28 mine warfare, 84 serviceable air ports and a budget over 3.63 billions dollars pumped into Egypt’s defence every 365 days makes Egyptian military the strongest among other countries in Africa.


  1. Algeria : Active Personnel : 130,000 algeria_flag-wallpaper-1280x768

Algeria is the biggest country in Africa , with an area that covers approximately 2.5 million sq km and has a coastline of 998 km. The Nation’s defense budget is 9.59 billions euro.

African is a country with a strong military , that is trained and equipped mostly by France and Germany. They do possess strong ability to counter Jihadi threat , since the civil war that ravaged the country in the 80’s between the Army and the Islamists. Now Algeria is one the the most stable country in a region plagued by Jihadism.

The recent intervention of Algerian’s security forces in the In Amenas hostage crisis in the South of the country, was a clear success and the Algerian rescue operation showed a good degree of professionalism among the Algerian Security Forces.

  1. Ethiopia : Active Personnel 138,000 ethiopia

Ethipia has a population of almost 94 millions. It has 182,000 active frontline personnel. The nations covers 1 million sq km. Ethiopia’s defense budget is 308 millions euros. It has 560 tanks and 81 aircrafts.

Ethiopian Army is the leader of the coalition currently fighting the Shababs in Somalia. The army is well trained and well equipped , mostly by the United States. Ethiopia is a growing country that has clearly become the regional power in Eastern Africa, alongside Kenya. The development of their army is part of a broader process that saw the development of every part of the Ethiopian Society.

  1. South Africa: Active Personnel 62,000 1 (1)

South Africa is a country that covers 1.2 millions sq/km. and has a coastline of 2,798 km. Defense budget of South Africa is 4.18 billion euro. The nation has 191 tanks, 213 aircraft and its total naval strength is 30 warships.

Since the end of the apartheid , South Africa is a country that rejected violence ,and was reluctant to have a strong army. However in the last decades , the recent global and regional events , showed that South Africa, in order to keep the integrity of its border and limits immigrations from neighborings countries needed to have a strong Army. South Africa is the most technologically advanced country in Africa , and therefore all the continents try to immigrate there. Recently there has been violents riots against foreigners in Johannesburg, because the population was exceeded with the numbers of illegals crossing the borders and living in South Africa. Additionally a strong army is needed to cope with the problems of the poachers , who are killing everyday hundreds of endangered animals across Africa , especially in the Kruger Park that is a Park of the Size of Israel. These poachers are a clear danger to South African Natural Resources, more grave they also don’t hesitate to kill rangers ,policeman and even civilians if there are interference with these activities. These poachers usually come from Mozambique, and are equipped with High-Tech materials, that it is difficult for rangers only to cope with them.

  1. Nigeria : Active Personnel 80,000nigerian-flag

Nigeria is the most populous country of Africa , with a population of around 175 millions inhabitants. The country’s defense budget is 2.11 billion. It has 363 tanks and 96 aircraft. Nigeria’s total naval strength is 75. It covers 923,000 sq km and has a coastline of 853 km.

Nigeria is engaged in a war with Boko Haram, and extremist Islamic group that is committing terrorists actions in the North East of the country. The Nigerian army was poorly equipped until recently , but since the kidnapping of more than 300 Nigerians girls in a school two years ago, the government has seek American Help. Nigerian Army was trained and equipped by the US and was able in late 2014 to launch a vast offensive against Boko Haram. This offensive was reinforced by the election of a new President , that is an ex military , and who wants to totally eradicate Boko Haram. So far , the offensive has been successful , with the Boko Harams militants being pushed away of Nigeria to Cameroun. The Nigerian Army even created a coalition with other neighboring countries such as Chad and Cameroon to eradicate Boko Harams rear bases in these countries.

Sources : Global Fire Power.


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