The Middle East from Islamism to post-Islamism

Before we are talking about the post-Islamism as a new momentum in the Middle East, we have to talk about the Islamism briefly to understand the post-Islamism as a new and strong phenomenal wave which recently hit the heart of the Middle East region. Islamism is a formulated and ideological direction of former Islamic movements […]

Before we are talking about the post-Islamism as a new momentum in the Middle East, we have to talk about the Islamism briefly to understand the post-Islamism as a new and strong phenomenal wave which recently hit the heart of the Middle East region. Islamism is a formulated and ideological direction of former Islamic movements in previous centuries particularly after the First World War in the Arab world, when the Ottoman Empire abolished and the Islamic political movements came out beyond the Turkish nation-state conspiracy to restore the lost geographical lands of the Ottoman Empire under the Islamic national enthuse in middle east nations, in order to trigger the fire of revolution to eject the colonial powers “Britain and France” and the restoration of Turkey to its own glory.

After the dismantling of the Ottoman Empire and the imposition of nation-states system, the various Islamic movements emerged out and adopted the Islamic principles, inside these schools Muslim Brotherhood was the most a popular school which found in 1928 as an ideological religious school to resist the Islamic values on the one hand and on the other hand to speared the hostility sprites against western colonial powers to leave the middle east. The most prominent leaders of Muslims brotherhood school were “Hassan al-Banna, Sayyid Qutb, Jamāl al-Dīn al-Afghānī and Muhammad Iqbal” and also many other schools which later found belong to the original- mother school of Muslims brotherhood but with a different perspective of beliefs like “flexible-belief, extremes belief and jihadist and movement beliefs”. Islamism demands the Islamic principles not only for religious and politic sections rather for all sections of life, like, individuals, families, societies, and the global as well.

The Islamism again categorized the Muslim peoples on the premise of dogmatic for Islamic principles or not, and Sayyid Qutb was the most popular theorist of this proclamation. He believed that all the other Islamic perspectives about the clean-Islam concept are weak and incomplete ideologies except himself ideology which has the complete and the truest belief one.  Islamism, directly and indirectly, rejects the hermits, Gnosticism and usually believes that all the other world religions communities “Jewish, Christians, Honduras” are ignorant or they are out of belief circle. That is obvious reliably they believed that Islam is the latest religion and other religions should be abandoned their beliefs and come to Islam embracement otherwise they are unbelief ideologies.

After several decades have passed with the model of Islamism, now the Middle East is walking through the circle of a new model which called post-Islamism period. This religious model has many different characteristics to explain. If the Islamism was working like narrow dogmatic ideology and less tried to mix itself with the world abroad, religions and also in part acted like Arabic cultural ruler and armed jihadist movements, however, the post-Islamism is acting like untwist ideology and opens its gates towards the western etiquettes principles and globalization of capitalism. The post-Islamism model carries the death of Islamism and facilitates to emerge the new model of Islam ideology like applying now in turkey, which on the individual level is Gnosticism while on the state and politic levels are secularism.

After the defeated of jihadist and armed Islamic groups in Iraq and Afghanistan, some of the Islamic political parties have changed their style of struggling from closed and narrow interactions to the civil struggle after that they understood, they have to change their strives indeed to get the parliamentary sets and interests in this modernized system, which means that it was watershed for all the Islamic political parties to change their armed and jihadist notions to the civil strive to deal and make an alliance  with lefts and secularist parties in parliament square anymore, despite that they rejected democracy principles before but now they have to accept the conditions of democracy temporarily or intentionally.

Gradually the post-Islamism has abandoned the hostility attitudes and slogans against the myth of Illuminati and Masson, Zionism, America and western states, and also abounded the belief and unbelief blocks or in another word they pulled out the nerves of confrontations and chauvinistic, while both slogans were shining clearly in Islamism minds. Presently, the young classes of post-Islamism are tying themselves with material worlds and they are controlling the sport, internet channels with Social Media. Obviously the young class of post-Islamism is unusually focusing on all kinds of sports particularly the football sport, the subtitle of Islamic TVs are constantly covering the western football fields from the popular players to the stadiums, but still they do not focus on the female football players as part of their notion about the concept of inappropriately.

If during the Islamism period, the female classes were wearing the darken-color cloths like black and nail with wearing the triangle hair-scarfs, flat shoes, thick stocking, their eyebrows, lashes, and faces are clean of makeup. However, now in post-Islamism period the traditional style of clothing and prettify have expired, the female classes are wearing the most expensive Turkish suit brand cloth and their clothes are straitened and short like western etiquettes with hot and attractive colors which means that their psychological loops have untied now and also they are becoming calm with complexities.  Nevermore the Islamic females are wearing the heel-shoes, thin sock and trousers, and also their faces are masking by the expansive makeup.

Without any doubt, other features of post-Islamism are that, which how the extremism and radical Islamic groups become faded in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan,  and the countries of northern Africa, on the hands of America and western NATO alliances in sanded deserts or valleys and mountains. Gradually they become non-political and non-armed movements like “Salafism” who is representing the Islamic prophet leader “Mohamed Abdulla” behaviors in the region with civil soul without touching the political and organizational regulations.

The peoples of post-Islamism have reached the educational level to understand what is wrong and what is not wrong in moderations waves and they changed their extremes oratory to educational flexible oratory, thoroughly they will not go to suicide themselves for their religions and ideologies because of they have interacted with globalized moderation, and there is only the Gnosticism god praying beyond their ideologies, for instants recently turkey passed in Memoriam of   “Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi” anniversary. So that is logical expression to say, this model of Gnosticism Islamic waves will replace the armed and jihadist Islamic groups at future, never more the religions in the middle east will return to individual minds and hearts without political and armed interventions, in order to the western and eastern, will fall into the tolerance concepts without any hatred then we can live peacefully.

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