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This article is an interview of the current Director of YoungDiplomats Morocco ! Nacer is deeply involved in the expansion of YoungDiplomats ! Read this interview to  Hello ! Can you tell us about your life and your career?  I am Nacer Nafea, a 19 years old college student. I still young but I am […]

This article is an interview of the current Director of YoungDiplomats Morocco ! Nacer is deeply involved in the expansion of YoungDiplomats ! Read this interview to 

Hello ! Can you tell us about your life and your career? 

I am Nacer Nafea, a 19 years old college student. I still young but I am so passionate about working with NGOs in My country Morocco. I am currently working with different organizations to try to empower the civil society contributions  in my community and promote a culture of tolerance and making an impact.

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I am officially working with UNSDSN (United Nations Sustainable development solutions network) as a Global schools program advocate and secretary general of Atlas for development organization without forgetting Young diplomats as an official director in Morocco.

How did you hear about Young Diplomats? 

I always had this avidity in my mind to  make a change , a positive one .That’s why, during my research via social media , I found out that Young diplomats is working in the topics that I always I was curious  about ( without mentioning that I love everything but by different quantities).

I have this mantra:  do not wait until things get fixed, because you are part of these things. If you do not fix yourself then you will keep watching without acting. That’s why act.

What is your position in the Young Diplomats structure? 

My position in Young Diplomats is I am official representative or director of this organization in my country (Morocco). I have a lot of responsibilities which the most important one is promoting the Young diplomats culture and its work. Also, creating a network that will allow to Young diplomats to work more effectively, and reach all individuals that are passionate about Diplomacy.

Can you tell us about the events you’ve done for YD and the upcoming ones? 

Working in my country is not an easy job as you may think but I could create a club and an event called “ Diplomacy days” which we bring experts in international affairs, politics and geopolitics to connect youth to the diplomacy world and how it is so important to youth to be engaged in politics .

Another project called “ Yd workshops” to introduce people to the online platform of Young Diplomats and take part on it. Writing articles in different languages that will affect directly the diversity that Yd is searching for.

Plus, there is another project coming soon in partnership with several NGOs in Morocco to introduce geopolitics to the public in a simple way .

According to you, what is geopolitics?

Far from the traditional meanings of geopolitics that we may find via books, internet, for me geopolitics is an interesting field even it is a mysterious one. Geopolitics is a reason behind several changing point in the human  kind history, especially in the 20th century.

Geopolitics is related tightly to politics that still manipulating the world ( even economy took a huge role in the making-decision process in each country) and if we understand how geopolitics function, we could understand easily how “diplomacy balance” works.

In your opinion, what is the most worrying situation in the world? 

The whole world is in a big trouble. Different countries are in crisis at different levels but the most worrying problem is how the world can maintain a diplomatic balance with a weak construction and laws that are the most of the time hard to apply at the ground.

Would you have a book to recommend to our readers? 

I love books, and it is been a long time I have the hobbit to read one book during a month or two (it still  a few amount but I took my time to read it meticulously). 

For me the books that I would recommend are the following:

+ le monde de Sophie : It is so important to know about philosophy. It gives the logic path to understand the origins of the things, like politics and how individuals become communities, then these communities established Laws, and how they grow an economy. So, knowing about history of philosophy is a key to understand chronologically the most important events that politics have known in the history of Mankind.

+ The Commander Of The Faithful: The Moroccan Political Elite – A Study In Segmented Politics: This book give a brief reflection about the political events of Moroccan society between 1960-1970 and how different political organism treated them. Plus to demonstration an interpretation why Moroccan political case was so exceptional when to comes to international affairs and how Morocco conserved its stability even thousands of clashes and struggles that Moroccan government( not only) faced during the period of 1960-1970.

More generally, what advice can you give to our readers so that they can better understand geopolitics and international relations ? 

Understanding Geopolitics and international relations is not an easy task because of the constant change that we could notice in our daily news. That’s why, for better comprehension of these both fields I would definitely that readers of our website to look at the following pints:

+ History: it is important to take lessons from the best to interpreter the current geopolitical issues.

+ Philosophy : I know that thousands of students  don’t like this subject because of teaching method but it still an important element to grasp how economy politic and economy function by looking at the origins of the things( referring to politics and economy)

+ Research: here, the professional way to analyze the current and the ancient political and geopolitical phenomenon (As I consider them), which the scientific research is a priority for anyone who is looking for a deep understanding and here the Young Diplomats could give a huge support by its several articles that could serve as a primary examples of a real scientific research.

I know that its quiet heavy but it is still a sufficient way to have a general look of how politics and geopolitics operates the World and there is no mathematical logic that could help in solving the political problems because each time we are facing a new or specific situation that needs a deep study before taking decisions ( this is an additional reason that push me to consider international relations is the most complicated field of study).

What do you think about YoungDiplomats ! 

Young diplomats is a real opportunity for curious individuals who wants to shape their skills through political domain and give a contribution via writing articles.

What Young Diplomats offers is an exceptional work for college and university students to have more confident on themselves and try publishing their works and sharing their ideas in one platform that serves as a library for many researchers in different countries.




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